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Monthly Archives: August 2012

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Video Podcast Transcription

When you’ve taken so much time to create an attractive video podcast, doesn’t it also make sense to spend some time in getting your podcast transcribed? No, having original content that stands out is not the only way to generate more traffic to your site because having a transcript along with your video podcast works wonders as well.
Why take the pains to have a transcript at all?

  1. You can reach out to a larger audience of differently abled people who may not be able to hear your podcast for themselves.
  2. If people in your audience don’t have the patience to hear the video, there’s still a good chance that they will view the transcript.
  3. Proficiency in language is eliminated because you can reach out to many other people who do not necessarily speak your language.
  4. Most users prefer to surf the Internet on their mobile phones or other handy devices. If there is a transcript attached to your video podcast, it also turns out to be lighter in terms of bandwidth usage.
  5. Viewing definitely has more of an impact than listening.


  1. You can add your error free transcript to other websites, a special blog or to other heavy traffic sites. Either way, you’re guaranteed of reaching new customers.
  2. People enjoy listening to podcasts when they’re driving to work, exercising or when they have some leisure time. If, for example, you have developed a series of video podcasts on how to motivate oneself, there is actually no dearth to the number of marketing tactics you could adopt to promote your podcasts.
  3. Once you gain a dedicated audience, why not develop further podcasts based on their suggestions or even invite them to feature alongside you in a video podcast? It’s certain to boost up your ratings!
    At EQ Trans, no file whether audio or video is too difficult for us to transcribe. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you get a transcript made for your video podcast.

What to look for in a Medical Transcription service

Irrespective of whether you are part of a hospital establishment or if you have your own diagnostic centre, error free medical transcripts that do not require any further editing may sometimes seem like a distant dream. Sure, there are plenty of transcription agencies which claim to do a professional job and which may hand you a bill that’s really light on your wallet, but what happens if the final transcript is chock-full of factual and spelling errors? As a client, it’s important to know exactly what you are paying for although it is also important to look at the quality of the overall job instead of making a judgement based on the mere cost factor alone. Here are a few other factors to keep in mind when hiring a medical transcription agency on a long-term basis:


  1. Check out the website: You’ll learn so much more about the transcription agency just by looking at their website. For instance, you will get clear indicators with regard to the overall language fluency and in addition, reputed agencies also tend to put up either part of their portfolio or their client list on the site. You could personally call up a reference mentioned on the site or get in touch with the customer service department for more details.
  2. Discuss deadlines: The ideal transcript delivery time for most agencies is 24 hours although many of them do entertain requests for a quicker turnaround time. It helps to speak directly with the transcriptionist who will be working on your project as you can then directly pass on any guidelines or instructions to her.
  3. Check the credentials: What are the credentials of the transcriptionists who will work on your medical transcripts? It helps if the transcriptionist is specialized in handling a niche area as it also means that she will be more familiar with medical terminology and abbreviations that may not make sense to other people. While transcribing, even the smallest mistake could have a large impact on the treatment of the concerned patient.
  4. Ease of process: Gone are the days when clients had to courier across audio tapes meant for transcribing.  Agencies like EQ Transcription make your work easier by introducing a simple and direct file uploading system by which files saved in different popular formats can be uploaded on the home site. So you don’t have to worry about tracking couriers or damaged files.

Give EQ Transcription a call today for a quote that will make you smile. Fast, efficient and professional work guaranteed always.

How to Choose Right Transcription Company

If you randomly type the words transcription company in Google, you are certain to be flooded with at least a few hundred search results. We can bet that almost every agency that shows up in the search results will claim that they are ‘the best’, ‘are highly professional’ and that they deliver work with a fast turnaround time. Sifting and filtering through all those results can be much more tedious than you think. And unless you’re willing to take a chance and randomly choose the services of any transcription agency listed in your search results, here’s HOW to find the right agency to suit your needs:

  1. Check out the website of the transcription agency whose services you are considering. Unprofessional agencies do not list out clear information but instead ask you to get in touch with them for more details. A real professional agency who delivers quality work will not hesitate to list out all the required details on the website with clear information about the company itself and other details.

  3. What kind of a transcript is the agency likely to provide? The answer lies in the website itself. Stay clear of websites that are laden with grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as of websites which provide false information. Want a better idea about how quickly the agency is likely to respond to a new client? Then pick up the phone and dial their listed number or send them an email enquiring about their services. Their response time will give you a good indication of how professional they really are!

  5. Ask around. Do not be tempted by websites that claim to have hundreds of ‘satisfied clients’. It makes more sense to opt for an agency which has been personally recommended by one of your friends or business associates. Remember it’s a real recommendation that counts and not mere references.

  7. A transcription agency that knows what it is doing will ask you the right questions that determine the quality of a transcript. Questions such as the quality of recording, clarity of speech, the length of the audio file as well as the approximate time for delivery of the transcript are just the kind of questions that a reputed transcription agency would ask.

EQ Trans has all the answers to your transcription dilemmas. Give us a call or get in touch with us at the earliest and we promise you a competitive quote that will make you smile.

Business Transcription Style

Many corporate organizations these days employ transcription agencies to transcribe audio files and turn them into a readable format. Although there are different transcription styles that can be used depending upon the industry from which the client is from, transcribers often use a style which is sometimes known as ‘business transcription’ or ‘clean verbatim’.
Focus groups also tend to use the clean verbatim style in transcripts, but quite often, market research teams prefer to retain sounds and various forms of speech patterns which do not have any actual meaning but which may help in understanding the speaker’s opinions and comments better. On the other hand, when audio files are created of business meetings, presentations, conferences, board meetings and other official gatherings, it is not the speech patterns that matter but the core subject of the topic itself.
That is why in clean verbatim, the transcriptionist edits speech patterns, sounds of applause, any background comments, breaks, pauses, interruptions and other external disturbances while transcribing the file itself. Although the text spoken by
the speaker is typed out as it is without any further corrections made in grammar, tense or slang, the transcript itself is easy
to read and understand making it a convenient point of reference for future use as well. Of course, all you have to do is relay the necessary instructions to your transcriptionist before she begins work on your audio file and if you desire, further edits such as removal of repetitions, leaving out incomplete sentences, grammar correction etc can also be added.
EQ Trans makes your work easier for you by taking a-z care of all your transcription needs. So if you have an audio file that needs to be transcribed urgently, simply visit our website, upload it directly, leave us any remarks or guidelines and one of our team members will be in touch with you at the earliest. Give us a call today for a highly competitive quote and see for yourself why corporates and businesses across the UK trust EQ Trans so much.

Types of Foot Pedals

A foot pedal is an important piece of equipment you will need to purchase before beginning any transcription work. With so many models and brands available in shops, finding the right foot pedal which serves your needs can be a bit tedious. Besides keeping your budget and any other specifics in mind, it is important to analyse how much you will be using the pedal, the kind of dictation software you will be working with as well as the type of files that you will be transcribing. Most popular foot pedal models can transcribe commonly used file formats such as mp3 and .wav files.  Take a look at at 3 options we’ve outlined for you:

  1. USB Foot pedals: This is the most common type of foot pedal found and is used by most transcriptionists everywhere. These foot pedals have 3 controls which are meant for rewinding, playing/stopping and fast-forwarding audio files. Such foot pedals also have a USB port connection so that it can be linked directly to your laptop or PC and allow the user to configure the controls once the required software is uploaded.

  3. Wireless Transcription Foot Pedals: This kind of foot pedal uses a more sophisticated technology and works in a quiet efficient manner. Such foot pedals use magnets and actually reduce or eliminate noise whenever the controls are pressed. Although you may place your wireless foot pedal a short distance away from your computer or laptop, most wireless foot pedals offer a wireless range of only up to 3 meters and can work on AA batteries as well. So, if you are seated far from an electrical point or you wish to work in a different part of your house like in your sitting-room or even while lounging on your bed, then this is a must-buy for you.

  5. Pedal Waterproof Foot Pedals: These kinds of foot pedals are waterproof and ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories and other places where users often come into contact with water and other liquids. These pedals often have wide switches that help to control the dictation recording and allow the user to multi-task as well. This foot pedal also has a USB connection which allows the device to be connected to the PC or laptop.