If you randomly type the words transcription company in Google, you are certain to be flooded with at least a few hundred search results. We can bet that almost every agency that shows up in the search results will claim that they are ‘the best’, ‘are highly professional’ and that they deliver work with a fast turnaround time. Sifting and filtering through all those results can be much more tedious than you think. And unless you’re willing to take a chance and randomly choose the services of any transcription agency listed in your search results, here’s HOW to find the right agency to suit your needs:

  • Check out the website of the transcription agency whose services you are considering. Unprofessional agencies do not list out clear information but instead ask you to get in touch with them for more details. A real professional agency who delivers quality work will not hesitate to list out all the required details on the website with clear information about the company itself and other details.
  • What kind of a transcript is the agency likely to provide? The answer lies in the website itself. Stay clear of websites that are laden with grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as of websites which provide false information. Want a better idea about how quickly the agency is likely to respond to a new client? Then pick up the phone and dial their listed number or send them an email enquiring about their services. Their response time will give you a good indication of how professional they really are!
  • Ask around. Do not be tempted by websites that claim to have hundreds of ‘satisfied clients’. It makes more sense to opt for an agency which has been personally recommended by one of your friends or business associates. Remember it’s a real recommendation that counts and not mere references.
  • A transcription agency that knows what it is doing will ask you the right questions that determine the quality of a transcript. Questions such as the quality of recording, clarity of speech, the length of the audio file as well as the approximate time for delivery of the transcript are just the kind of questions that a reputed transcription agency would ask.

EQ Trans has all the answers to your transcription dilemmas. Give us a call or get in touch with us at the earliest and we promise you a competitive quote that will make you smile.