Many corporate organizations these days employ transcription agencies to transcribe audio files and turn them into a readable format. Although there are different transcription styles that can be used depending upon the industry from which the client is from, transcribers often use a style which is sometimes known as ‘business transcription’ or ‘clean verbatim’.

Focus groups also tend to use the clean verbatim style in transcripts, but quite often, market research teams prefer to retain sounds and various forms of speech patterns which do not have any actual meaning but which may help in understanding the speaker’s opinions and comments better. On the other hand, when audio files are created of business meetings, presentations, conferences, board meetings and other official gatherings, it is not the speech patterns that matter but the core subject of the topic itself.

That is why in clean verbatim, the transcriptionist edits speech patterns, sounds of applause, any background comments, breaks, pauses, interruptions and other external disturbances while transcribing the file itself. Although the text spoken by
the speaker is typed out as it is without any further corrections made in grammar, tense or slang, the transcript itself is easy
to read and understand making it a convenient point of reference for future use as well. Of course, all you have to do is relay the necessary instructions to your transcriptionist before she begins work on your audio file and if you desire, further edits such as removal of repetitions, leaving out incomplete sentences, grammar correction etc can also be added.

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