Focus group interviews are held to record the responses of a group who have gathered together to share their views on a common topic. Although, playing a recorded audio file of the discussion repeatedly gives the listener a good idea about the issues expressed while stating an opinion, it can also be a cumbersome process especially while trying to decipher exactly what is being stated and by which participant.

Our focus group transcriptions are just what you need because we filter out whatever is unnecessary and present you with only the essential text that you require. Our transcribers work efficiently to ensure that a high level of factual accuracy is maintained at every stage of the transcription process.

  • focus-group2We have extensive experience having served plenty of clients throughout the UK over the years.
  • Our team members have plenty of experience in handling focus group transcriptions, with listening skills to decipher one speaker from another during over speaking and interrupting.
  • Our transcribers are well-trained so that they are able to recognize and understand various accents, expressions, management speak and technical phrases.
  • Client data is always kept confidential.

EQ Transcription Services has ample experience in creating transcriptions for different kinds of discussions such as:

  • Informal group discussions.
  • Formal meeting discussions.
  • Group discussions.
  • Brainstorming session discussions.
  • Strategic planning discussions.
  • Surveys and market research.
  • Telephone conferences and Skype meetings

Depending on your requirement, EQ Trans offers 3 kinds of transcripts:

  • Verbatim Transcript: Only the essential words in the speech are included whereas other repetitive words and filler phrases are left out.
  • Intelligent Verbatim Transcript: During transcribing the audio file, grammatical errors and mispronounced words in the transcript are corrected.
  • Edited: After transcribing the audio file, errors and mispronounced words in the transcript are corrected.

Why waste precious time? Simply upload your digital audio files directly to our server and we’ll email you the transcript as soon as it’s ready!