When you’ve taken so much time to create an attractive video podcast, doesn’t it also make sense to spend some time in getting your podcast transcribed? No, having original content that stands out is not the only way to generate more traffic to your site because having a transcript along with your video podcast works wonders as well.

Why take the pains to have a transcript at all?

  • You can reach out to a larger audience of differently abled people who may not be able to hear your podcast for themselves.
  • If people in your audience don’t have the patience to hear the video, there’s still a good chance that they will view the transcript.
  • Proficiency in language is eliminated because you can reach out to many other people who do not necessarily speak your language.
  • Most users prefer to surf the Internet on their mobile phones or other handy devices. If there is a transcript attached to your video podcast, it also turns out to be lighter in terms of bandwidth usage.
  • Viewing definitely has more of an impact than listening.


  • You can add your error free transcript to other websites, a special blog or to other heavy traffic sites. Either way, you’re guaranteed of reaching new customers.
  • People enjoy listening to podcasts when they’re driving to work, exercising or when they have some leisure time. If, for example, you have developed a series of video podcasts on how to motivate oneself, there is actually no dearth to the number of marketing tactics you could adopt to promote your podcasts.
  • Once you gain a dedicated audience, why not develop further podcasts based on their suggestions or even invite them to feature alongside you in a video podcast? It’s certain to boost up your ratings!
  • At EQ Trans, no file whether audio or video is too difficult for us to transcribe. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you get a transcript made for your video podcast.