Transcript Delivery

Transcripts are delivered as an unencrypted email attachment as standard, without password protection. However, various security controls can be applied to files on request, such as password protection and direct downloads. We have found clients generally prefer receiving transcripts via email. However, if you would like to download transcripts from your password secured file area, this can quickly and easily be arranged on request and at the applicable cost if any.

Correction of Errors

Errors if any by EQ Transcription Services will be rectified free of charge if notified within 5 days of receipt of completed work. Should any errors be found in the work, EQ Transcription Services is liable maximum for the cost of the work only – no further liability is acknowledged.


The customer shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary authority to reproduce text and any other material. A copy of such authorization shall be provided by the Customer to EQ Transcription Services on its request. Whenever necessary or need arises. EQ Transcription Services will not be in any way responsible for any disputes arising from non-production of such authorization.


EQ Transcription Services understands to keep the Customers confidential information strictly confidential. Your contact details or any other information you provide to EQ Transcription Services will not under any circumstances be sold, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed to any third party without your written consent. No information or resource of yours will ever be used for any personal or commercial gain on the part of EQ Transcription Services and you will be advised immediately if any conflict of interest arises. We will happily sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement should you require it.


Upon providing EQ Transcription Services with audio for Transcription, it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted all information contained in the Rates Sheet, and are liable for all subsequent Transcription costs incurred by us. An invoice will be submitted before proceeding with the work which needs to be fully settled before delivery of the transcripts. For large scale projects invoices will be raised weekly which needs to be fully settled in 7 days from the day of invoice. Please note that we only accept credit cards and PayPal payments. All invoices will be submitted in £ sterling.


Should work be suspended at the request of the Customer, EQ Transcription Services shall then be entitled to payment at the rate agreed in the quotation pro rata for work already carried out and materials specially ordered.

Supply of service

EQ Transcription Services will always endeavour to supply full service but does not accept liability for EQ Transcription Services failure to supply services caused by any external influences including acts of God, fire, governmental acts, breaks in continuity of electricity supply or telecom link, accident or any other cause beyond EQ Transcription Services control. EQ Transcription Services does not accept liability to Customer for direct or consequential economic loss (including loss of profit or business).

 Provision of Service

EQ Transcription Services reserves the right to accept or decline any orders for transcription services. EQ Transcription Services may at its discretion refuse to accept any order, or provide that acceptance be subject to such conditions as imposed by EQ Transcription Services.

For more detailed terms and conditions please write to us at: