Following rates are for per minute of audio transcribed.

The rates are in £ Sterling and VAT is NOT applicable.

Our standard delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

However, clients can choose Express service for guaranteed delivery within 48 hours and Priority service for guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.

Rates Per Audio Minute

*For Express and Priority service, it important to check with us before uploading the files for transcription as we are not always in a position to take these jobs and it depends upon our current workload.

Please note that above the rates are based on good quality audio files being supplied to us. We may charge higher rates if the audio quality is not good as it takes a lot longer to transcribe such files.

Payment Terms:
For organizations, we will need a purchase order to get started with the job and we can invoice as per purchase order once we have completed all the transcripts. For individuals, we will need 100% payment in advance before getting start with the job.

Payment Methods:
You can pay us via bank transfer. Please call us in case you need our bank details to make a transfer. We also accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments, but a processing fee of 3.5% is added to the total.