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Medical Transcription

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At EQ Transcription Services, we offer specialist medical transcription services which focus on accuracy and effectiveness as well as confidentiality of all client data. Our team of highly trained transcribers provide transcriptions with highest level of accuracy. We go to great lengths to ensure that you don’t have to worry about minor details like incorrect grammar, use of abbreviations or wrongly pronounced words. Our services include transcribing: medical transcription


  1. ER Reports
  2. Patient History
  3. Case Summaries
  4. Clinic Notes
  5. Laboratory Summaries
  6. Consultation Notes
  7. Other Correspondence
  8. Other Medical Reports


Why Choose EQ Transcription Services?

  1. We have years of experience in providing quality medical transcripts for clients.
  2. Our typists work in the UK and we have served many clients from all over the country including hospitals, private clinics, medical professionals etc.
  3. Client data is always kept confidential and secure.
  4. We can meet fast turnaround times set by the client.
  5. Our services are offered at highly competitive rates.

At EQ Transcription Services, our prime focus is on providing efficient and quick service to all our clients irrespective of where they are located .With our Online Transcription Work Flow Software, digital audio files can be directly uploaded to our server and status of the project  progressed-online at every stage. Direct uploading of the files by clients and transcriptionists ensures that no time is wasted and this also allows us to meet any deadlines faster.


Contact EQ Transcription Services for all your medical transcription needs. We promise fast service that’s uncompromising on quality.