A foot pedal is an important piece of equipment you will need to purchase before beginning any transcription work. With so many models and brands available in shops, finding the right foot pedal which serves your needs can be a bit tedious. Besides keeping your budget and any other specifics in mind, it is important to analyse how much you will be using the pedal, the kind of dictation software you will be working with as well as the type of files that you will be transcribing. Most popular foot pedal models can transcribe commonly used file formats such as mp3 and .wav files.  Take a look at at 3 options we’ve outlined for you:

  • USB Foot pedals: This is the most common type of foot pedal found and is used by most transcriptionists everywhere. These foot pedals have 3 controls which are meant for rewinding, playing/stopping and fast-forwarding audio files. Such foot pedals also have a USB port connection so that it can be linked directly to your laptop or PC and allow the user to configure the controls once the required software is uploaded.
  • Wireless Transcription Foot Pedals: This kind of foot pedal uses a more sophisticated technology and works in a quiet efficient manner. Such foot pedals use magnets and actually reduce or eliminate noise whenever the controls are pressed. Although you may place your wireless foot pedal a short distance away from your computer or laptop, most wireless foot pedals offer a wireless range of only up to 3 meters and can work on AA batteries as well. So, if you are seated far from an electrical point or you wish to work in a different part of your house like in your sitting-room or even while lounging on your bed, then this is a must-buy for you.
  • Pedal Waterproof Foot Pedals: These kinds of foot pedals are waterproof and ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories and other places where users often come into contact with water and other liquids. These pedals often have wide switches that help to control the dictation recording and allow the user to multi-task as well. This foot pedal also has a USB connection which allows the device to be connected to the PC or laptop.