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Financial Transcription – What does it mean?

No organization or enterprise anywhere in the world can function on a daily basis without the reassuring power of finance to back it up. When you deal with vast amounts of financial data on a daily or weekly basis, wouldn’t it be an added comfort to have all such data transcribed for you? That’s where Financial Transcription comes in!



The simple definition of this term would be ‘creating quality transcripts dealing with financial data from a number of audio recordings or files.’ In short, financial transcription does not simply deal with transcribing each recorded word. On the other hand, transcriptionists can actually create a range of documents for you such as analysis reports and company reports based on the data submitted.


This kind of transcription is highly beneficial for those who are in the trading or finance sector although it also benefits firms in other non-related sectors for various reasons. Clients such as merchant banks, regulatory bodies, trading firms, investment agencies, mutual funds firms, advisory bodies, investment counselors, finance advisers, schools and even finance related websites stand to gain the most from financial transcription. Likewise, corporate organizations and other firms can use such financial transcripts to discuss the actual financial health of the firm at business meetings, seminars, annual meets and so on. In fact, transcribing financial data for a minimum of 3 years allows you to compare and analyse much better than if you had the data for just one year.

Creating a good quality and error free financial transcript requires plenty of knowledge about financial terms, the ability to deal with large amounts of data and to make sense of it as well as sharp presence of mind. After all, switching one or two digits here and there could result in an entirely different interpretation!


With EQ Transcription Services however, you won’t have to worry about whether the analysis of the finance transcript you are given is accurate or if you need to scrutinize the data again for anomalies. We’ve got years of experience in the field of transcription itself and we’ll ensure that only our best number crunching enthusiasts are put to work on your files. And yes, it goes without saying that we do not leak out any of your confidential data in any manner or sell any details to third parties. So why wait to get your data audio files transcribed? We’re just an email away!

Business Transcription – What does it mean?

As an organization that handles hundreds of clients every day, is responsible for finding long-lasting solutions to problems and which also finds the time to organize monthly workshops; how do you stay on top of your business without losing your cool every day? Yes, we do agree that our global world has become much smaller and all it takes is a few seconds to send an all important mail, but wouldn’t you agree if we said that the old ways are still the best for some things? For instance, doesn’t it feel nice to receive a handwritten note from someone and in the same way; wouldn’t it also be nice if you could have a copy of every email or word spoken during meetings- in your hands?



No, we’re not suggesting that you take on the task of voice to word transcription yourself (after all, we’re the experts!) but we do suggest that you consider the idea of maintaining business transcripts. The term ‘Business Transcription’ broadly encompasses most of the day to day activities that are the norm in all organizations. For instance, meetings(daily/weekly/monthly), 2-3 day meets, seminars, workshops, conferences, speeches, official functions, board meetings, interviews (one on one & focus) as well as customer calls would come in this category.


What our transcriptionists would do is to convert any such recordings to text verbatim, so that you know exactly what business activity took place on a specific day. And considering that you don’t have to be concerned about virus attacks or servers crashing, over time you will find that business transcripts also make great reference points.


EQ Transcription Services has been in the business of serving clients across industries in the corporate sector for years. We’ll be glad to help you with any of your transcription requirements and of course, your data will always be kept confidential. Visit our home site for more information and give us a call today!

Technical Transcription – What does it mean?

Transcripts are a fantastic way to maintain records of interviews, discussions, seminars, training sessions and of other discourses. Unlike a pen drive which can store vast amounts of data but which is still susceptible to a sudden virus attack, a copy of a transcribed audio or video file is something you can refer to anytime you like. So what’s holding you back from hiring a reputed transcription agency like ours to make your work life that much easier? Is it perhaps a concern that the jargon or terminology used in your field of work is something that not many transcriptionists may be comfortable with? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet us lay your worries to rest.

Technical Transcription, which relies heavily on the use of specific technical terminology or jargon, is quite popular with organizations in the IT sector, market research agencies, public relations & advertising agencies as well as with firms in the healthcare sector. Technical transcription requires a thorough knowledge of the most commonly used terms, abbreviations and other language aspects that are best associated with these respective industries. A basic understanding of accents is also very helpful in this regard.


Many firms maintain audio and video recordings of any event held like of workshops, seminars, exhibitions, product launches and even of training sessions. However, getting such recordings transcribed could help in reaching a larger audience and in cases where transcripts are uploaded to websites; they can also enable better search-engine rankings. Even if better online visibility is not the motive, transcripts undoubtedly open the door to better communication and exchange of ideas.


At EQ Transcription Services, only transcriptionists who understand your field of business are allowed to transcribe your files. Besides helping to ensure that our quality of work is uncompromised, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your files are in the safest hands. And of course, all your data is kept confidential always. Give EQ Transcription a buzz today and we’ll help you sort out all your transcription needs.