Imagine talking to your computer exactly like it was a dear old friend and watching it seamlessly complete one task after another. Your fingers aren’t touching the keyboard and you’re munching on a slice of pizza at the same time, relaxed and smiling. Does this sound too good to be true? Actually, it’s not. Voice recognition software can be such a blessing in disguise for a number of reasons.

Transcriptionists often have to work with large amounts of data and sitting in front of a computer for hours on end working on a transcript can be really tiring. That’s why it makes sense to invest in good voice recognition software which can take a huge load off your hands. But be warned- just because the software types whatever you say out loud, it does not remove the need for further editing and proof-reading. What do you need to look for while choosing voice recognition software?

  • Look closely at the software features. Go for software which also includes a voice training program so that the software can ‘learn’ to identify your voice and your speech patterns.
  • Take a look at the commands that are used to operate the software, considering that you will be using them to open and close other programs.
  • The most important function of such software is to check how well it understands what you dictate. Most software directly type any spoken word into a text editor such as MS word so accuracy is the key here.

Remember, before you can get the most out of your voice recognition software, you need to work with it to help it understand you! No voice recognition software is 100% accurate and you need to be completely certain about what you want to say as the software cannot think for itself. You also need to make sure that any background noise is eliminated while using the software and be warned that such software also take up huge hard disk space as well.

On the other hand, voice recognition software can also help cut down the amount of time you spend transcribing a document and also give your tired fingers some much needed rest. Don’t forget to do a bit of reading on the best voice recognition software available before making an actual purchase.