Many film makers already use transcripts in the post-production of their films as they have found this saves them an incredible amount of time and effort.

Documentary makers have been slower to come to the realisation that getting a transcript of their film will help, but this is now starting to become an important part of documentary making. As more and more documentary makers use transcriptions, so the word of how much easier the job becomes, spreads.

Here are a couple of good reasons for documentary makers to use transcription services:

Speeds Up the Editing and Re-editing Process

A professional transcription of the documentary speeds up the editing process dramatically. We at EQ Transcription Services can provide you with an accurate written copy of the speech, (including noises, pauses, silence etc), with timestamps that are synchronized to the film.

You can see at a glance what words fit what action, where the silence stretches out too long and so on.

If you have a written copy of the text as you watch the footage, editing is easier, and it is a good way to help you find scenes in the film. Voiceover parts are often re-done, and again these will show up clearly in the transcript, not only showing where they are necessary, but what needs re-said.

Makes content more accessible

Subtitles and captions for films can be lifted out of transcriptions with minimal extra work. Nowadays subtitles and captions are used more than before as the hearing impaired are catered to in a way they weren’t in the past. Also, if you have a transcript, getting this translated into another language is much quicker, easier and cheaper than paying someone to translate a film.

The more assessable the content, the more views is normally how it works, so you want to make your work as accessible as possible.