Eager to jet-start your career in the transcription industry and become an ace transcriptionist? As a reputed transcription services provider that has a dedicated team of qualified transcriptionists who work around the clock for clients all across the country, here are a few tips on how to make the best use of your talent and time:

  • Practice typing- in the transcription industry, speed means everything. A little bit of typing practice every day, will help you become faster and more skilled at your work. Take a few tests, keep a clock near you and try to improve your record one day at a time. Remember, that sharp typing skills also mean more work opportunities.
  • Read more- Ever tried reading a novel cover to cover only to realise that you did not understand anything? While that may be a novel which you were reading for leisure, listening to audio tapes which you do not understand increases the chance of errors while transcribing and also makes the job itself boring. Have some knowledge about the client you are working for and more importantly, about the material that you are transcribing.
  • Invest in books– If you plan to become a specialist in a niche segment, for example medical transcription; make sure you have all the relevant literature which can help you when you get stuck with a particular term, phrase, abbreviation or sentence. This helps to eliminate the chance of errors while transcribing and enhances your reputation besides enabling the client to have a professionally transcribed document in his hands.
  • Ask the right questions– Remember that transcribing is a service that if offered to the client. It is advisable to ask the client beforehand if there are any specific instructions or guidelines to adhere to and when in doubt with regard to the material on the audio file, do not hesitate to ask for a clarification. It will also help you build a better relationship with the client as well.
  • Choose the right ‘office’- Just as a cubicle is sacred to an employee, your workspace should be a sacred place for you as well. Make sure that you work in a quiet room with minimal allowance for both internal and external noise. A place that is well-illuminated reduces the strain on your eyes allowing you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Decide your working hours- As a transcriptionist; you get to decide how many hours you want to work for. In the beginning, it makes sense to take up only a few assignments which you are sure you can do justice to. Once you establish your credibility, rest assured that the clients will follow as well!