1. Focus Attention on Listening

Conferences tend to be full of information, and if someone is interested in really learning what you have to say, (and this is the reason for holding the conference after all), they can lose important facts because they are taking notes.

By recording the whole event and offering a transcription to attendees, you eliminate this risk. (You can even charge a nominal fee to cover your costs if appropriate).

  1. Even Non-Attendees can follow it

Not everyone can make the journey to hear what is said, so a transcription allows one and all to benefit from the speeches.

  1. Involve Employees

Keeping employees happy and making them feel part of your business makes for better productivity. You can distribute the information from the conference, or selected parts, to all employees. This also gives them a better feel of what you are doing.

  1. Ready Made press Release

A transcription is a ready-made press release, or it is also an easy way to deliver the salient points to the press.

  1. Social media

Posting important or interesting parts of your conference on social media is good, free advertising.

  1. Quick Overview

A written document is a quick overview of what went on and is easy to search if you want to see a specific point again.

  1. A Record

Recording and then getting a reputable transcription service, like EQ Transcription Services, to provide a written document gives you proof of what was and was not said if anyone questions something at a later date.

  1. Marketing

You can use certain parts of the transcription to create marketing material, and direct quotes can be 100% accurate.

  1. Archive

Having a written copy, (also hard copy on USB/DVD etc.), of events in your archives is a good idea. It makes searching for a particular point quick and easy.

  1. Highlight Parts

You can easily highlight parts that are of interest or are unclear, so you can ask for clarification.

We at EQ Transcription Services have transcribed many conferences and our clients come back for more work from us because they find our services so useful.

Move your business up a notch and have your next conference transcribed.