Transcription services are not limited to creating transcripts based only on focus group interviews, group discussions or medical data. In fact, certain transcripts also have a very important place in a court of law or are used in various legal proceedings as well. While legal transcription includes audio files based on dictated notes, testimony given by witnesses, live court proceedings etc, law enforcement transcription often involves audio data that has been recorded live at a crime or police scene with the use of hidden microphones.

Although, the microphone may be placed somewhere near the speaker’s mouth, there is a good chance that it may also be hidden under multiple layers of clothing, especially in ‘hot’ cases where the cops are trying to get some important information from the other person. This may actually help the operation to be a success, but it can also make transcribing the audio file a challenge for the transcriptionist who has to create an error-free transcript as well. Besides the possible concern of inaudible speech, there may also be plenty of background noise which makes filtering the actual words spoken difficult. Thirdly, deciphering the words spoken also depends largely on the accent that the speaker is speaking in. On the other hand, a legal enforcement transcript is treated as a very important official document which plays a crucial role in the related police case as well.

If you are keen to become a legal enforcement transcriptionist, you may also have to transcribe other audio files such as:

  •  Any interrogations conducted.
  • Interviews
  •  Recorded statements
  • Recorded Police reports
  • In-car video camera recordings
  • Voice Messages and any other type of audio surveillance

Remember that in order to create transcripts that are error free, it also requires plenty of practice on your part. One of the best ways to get a hang of such transcripts is to work on not more than one transcript a day, till you are confident of handling more on your own without any guidance. Although, there is always a time factor that needs to be considered when working on such transcripts, the satisfaction that you get on knowing that your transcript could make all the difference to a case, is also incomparable.