Choosing the right digital recording device can be quite a task, but if you make the right purchase, consider it as an investment for life. We did a little bit of homework on the best available digital recording device models for you and here’s a peek at the first of our recommendations:

Zoom H4n Handy Mobile 4 Track Recorder– There’s something very attractive about a recording device which automatically records anything you choose in an Mp3 format, thereby making transcription a breeze. Use this palm sized unit for recording anything from interviews to even noisy group discussions and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

It is so compact that it can be carried on your person anywhere you go and it’s fairly durable too. You’ll find that the onboard mics do not cause any phasing concerns and the built-in mics can actually be rotated to 90° or 120° making recording anything that much more comfortable. Should you need it, you’ll find a 3.5mm mic input and the availability of a USB port allows you to transfer any files to another device with utmost ease.

Now let’s talk about the actual recording itself. The H4n allows you to record up to 4 audio channels and even up to 11 hours if you use the appropriate settings. What makes this small device stand out is its sharp crystal clear clarity, so we think your transcriptionist will actually be quite happy with the quality of the audio file you send her. Plus, in case you wish to record a discussion that you are part of, simply switch to the auto-record mode which lets you focus on the conversation whole-heartedly. If you still don’t like the way a recorded audio file sounds, then feel free to dabble in some editing and if you would rather make a few more tweaks to the files on your laptop, you’ll find that the software allows you to go the distance.

You don’t have to get confused about when you recorded which audio file as all H4n recordings will have the required time stamp information as well. This model comes with two mounting options and is sold with all the required accessories which means that you don’t have to wait to get started on some actual recording. Retailing at a minimum of GBP 140, you’ll find that the Zoom H4n is worth every cent.
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