In the second part to last week’s article, let’s take a look at some more helpful tips for budding transcriptionists:

  • Invest in quality equipment– As a transcriptionist; you need to have a keen eye for technology that can help make a difference to your daily workload. There are plenty of quality equipment available online which are necessary for your line of work and investing in branded technology is always a plus point. Before purchasing transcription equipment like foot pedals, handsets, headsets or even a computer, do a spot of research on the Internet first. Make it a point to read what people who have used certain brands have to say about the product. Also, invest in a good ergonomic chair as long hours of sitting in front of the computer screen could cause backache and neck pains.
  • Take help from software- Using software packages doesn’t mean that you are a bad transcriptionist- it only means that you are a smart one! So, if you feel that your English grammar skills are not up to the mark, invest in the appropriate software which can help you make that error free transcript all clients love, a reality. Consider which niche you are serious about specialising in and invest in the relevant software as well. For instance, if legal transcripts appeal to you, you’ll need a good software package with details such as legal terms, abbreviations, word meanings, synonyms etc.
  • Use your social networking skills- So, you’ve been trying to perfect your typing speed rate and your transcribing skills have improved considerably. Then why is it so hard to get the right clients? Social networking is here to stay in a big way and it’s time you looked beyond your Facebook or Twitter page as a means to stay in touch with school friends. They can be fantastic marketing tools as well and with a bit of thought and polish, you can have an attractive profile ready within minutes. After all, clients like to know a little bit more about the people they hire too!
  • Stay updated- Transcription has come such a long way since the mid sixties and it’s only going to get bigger and better with each year. It pays to stay in touch with new transcription styles, formats and any other tid-bits that could give you an edge over the competition. Stay tuned to good transcription blogs (like this one!) and read as much as you can about your chosen field. You can translate your newly gained knowledge into fine-tuning the way you work and get more clients hopefully too.
  • Maintain relationships- The audio transcription industry is a service based one and the way in which you approach a client, deliver the results and maintain the relationship is a huge key factor in getting more work down the road. Once you are attuned to a client’s working style and preferences, you will be in a much better position to serve him and make your mark. But remember; never disclose your client details to anybody, not even to another client.