The term ‘outsourcing’ has always been a much debated issue. Can companies manage without outsourcing? Do firms really require outsourcing? Do the benefits outweigh other negligible aspects?

We’re here to tell you that outsourcing transcription may be one of the best decisions that you could ever make for your enterprise. Whether you are part of a large corporation which reaches out to customers, a reputed hospital that has won many accolades, a marketing research firm whose reports are read on a global scale or a small agency; outsourcing your transcription requirements only brings you many never seen before benefits. After all outsourcing any transcription requirement:

  • Helps to cut down your investment costs.Helps to ensure better utilisation of your time.
  • Brings down manpower costs.
  • Ensures that you don’t have to waste office space for storing files and papers.
  • Helps to heighten the efficiency of your work team.
  • Reassures you that transcripts will be ready within the time-frame set by you.
  • Eliminates the need for you to do any further editing or proof-reading.
  • Enables you to take decisions much more effectively.

EQ Trans has been in the business of meeting the transcription requirements of clients based all over the UK for many years now. And we’re proud to add that we have quite an impressive portfolio to showcase as well. Besides our dedication towards meeting each deadline set by a client, our focus has always remained on creating transcripts that bring a smile of satisfaction to your face.

Our team of well-qualified transcriptionists are on standby 24/7 to address any transcription requirement you may have. Feel free to let us know what kind of style you would prefer or if there are any other guidelines we should adhere to while working on your transcript. Simply visit our website, create your unique log in id and upload your files directly. We will email you the ready to use transcript as soon as one of our transcriptionists have finished transcribing, proof-reading and editing the final document. Contact EQ Trans for fuss-free transcribing solutions today.