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How to Choose Right Transcription Headset

Now that you’ve picked the right chair to keep yourself comfortable while you’re working, let’s move on to a few tips on how to choose the right transcription headphones as well. Although it’s important to select a set of headphones which suit your budget and are comfortable to wear, don’t forget that in all likelihood, you will also be using your headphones for many hours together at a time. It makes sense then, to opt for one which is recommended by a credited agency or which has good customer reviews.


The type of headphone you invest in largely depends upon the kind of features you actually want your headset to have. Most retailers and online websites allow you to shop for your headset depending upon the kind of station you have or plug type you are looking for. Go for a headset that helps in reducing or eliminating background noise, reducing bass and which offers enhanced sound quality. These kind of headsets give you more freedom especially if you want to work from home even with the family around or from the office.


Most transcription headphones also come with cushioned ear pads that sit properly on your ears without pinching or causing any discomfort. If possible, choose a headset that is lighter in weight as heavy headsets may cause headaches or other physical discomfort. Many brands offer headsets which carry an inbuilt volume control and a stereo/mono switch which make listening to long hours of audio files, a breeze. Earbuds may be inexpensive when compared to a transcription headset, but are very uncomfortable too. Besides offering comparatively lower audio quality, they may also cause ear-ache and other discomfort.


While choosing your transcription headphones, ensure that you purchase them from a reputed site or store and stay clear of headsets that are unbranded or which have a cheap plastic look. Most headphone manufacturers offer an extra pair of ear pads which is very beneficial in the long-term. Don’t forget to do a bit of reading and to carefully check the manufacturer’s product specifications, which will give you a better idea about the quality and additional features of the product itself.

Transcription Tips – Choose the Right Chair

When you’re working long hours as a transcriptionist, it’s important to pay attention to the accessories you invest in. So now that you’ve taken the time to do a bit of homework on the best foot pedal to buy, a keyboard which tilts backward, a branded set of headphones and of course; a PC that you’ve been using for years; what about the chair you’ll be sitting for hours on? If you’re planning to work as a transcriptionist from home, don’t overlook the importance of a good comfortable chair.


But wait, you’re bound to ask- Why invest in a pricey chair when you can be just as comfortable working and relaxing on your bed? Here’s an important tip to remember- your body needs to be happy before you can go the extra mile to keep your clients happy.


Transcription involves long hours of listening to audio files as well as typing at the same time. By buying the right chair, you’ll not find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand but you’ll also make fewer mistakes, improve overall efficiency and reduce your chances of spraining your back or developing a bad posture. While it’s always good to read reviews about the right transcriptionist chair, don’t say no to walking into a furniture shop (or a minimum of two such stores) and trying out their chairs for yourself.


The right chair is like a shoe- what suits one, may not necessarily suit you. Make sure you sit with your back straight against the spine of the chair and check your comfort level by adopting different seated postures. The minute you feel any unnecessary strain or pull on your lower back, it’s a sign that you’re either not sitting correctly or you need to choose a different chair.Whether you opt for a padded chair or one with an adjustable back is up to you but pay attention to the arms of the chair. Some transcriptionists may find armed chairs to be a blessing, but if the arms of the chair are not adjusted to suit your natural height, then there’s a good chance that you are at risk of developing further shoulder and neck problems. There are many furniture stores which offer a desk cum chair set which is quite a good purchase to consider as well especially since it will give you a better idea about the ideal chair to desk height placement for you.


Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to take the advice of your colleagues or mentors. A good investment made before you begin your new career, will help you perform at your best.

Pros and Cons Verbatim Transcriptions

Transcription is by no means a small feat and transcribing in the verbatim style is anything but easy. On one hand, a likely question which could be raised is just how difficult is it to type out exactly what you hear? It isn’t; but what happens when the audio file you are listening to is chock-full of grammatical, factual or other errors? Do you allow your instincts to take over and correct such flaws or do you just do your job and leave it at that?
There is always a good chance of course that obvious errors may eventually be corrected by the client himself on receiving the final transcript, but errors of any kind become much more serious especially when you are transcribing a medical or legal audio file. For instance, a doctor or the person dictating may begin a paragraph by talking about a male patient, but halfway through the paragraph, he may make a mistake and refer to the patient as a female. Or while recording the audio file, a lawyer may refer to a ‘petitioner’ as the ‘respondent’ when talking about a specific case. These errors may sometimes even be oblivious to the transcriptionist, but there’s a good chance that the person who made the audio file in the first place may not even understand what has been typed because of such errors. In medical transcripts in particular, such wrong information, misplaced words, wrong use of terminology or any other error can actually have grave consequences later.
Although, you may not be aware of the language skills of your client before receiving the audio file to be transcribed, rest assured that all clients want a transcript that does not need to be reviewed further. When you do face these little hiccups while transcribing, it’s best to ask your team leader or senior to suggest what course of action to take. Doing a bit of light editing which covers correcting small grammatical errors, improvising sentence structure or inserting the correct spellings are acceptable even in verbatim transcriptions. Remember, it’s always best to discuss such matters with your client directly as that helps to remove any doubts and also helps you deliver an impressive transcript!

Advantages of Video Transcription

You’ve heard about transcribing audio files and have probably used our services at one time or the other as well. But is it possible to transcribe videos and why is it advised to do so? Yes, videos can be transcribed easily and it makes sense to do so especially when you have a video with important content on your hands. For example, a video of a focus group discussion, a live interview or even of a conference are understood better when the respective transcripts have been made.


Creating a video transcript involves the same process as transcribing an audio file. Our transcriptionists listen carefully to the video while watching it at the same time, and transcribe the file simultaneously. In fact, video transcribing often takes longer because the same video may be watched a few times just to ensure that each word has been typed out correctly. In addition, on your request, we can also add time codes, subtitles, captions and time stamping so that you are also aware of the exact moment when a particular word or sentence was spoken.


Consider the advantages of video transcripts:

  1. It makes understanding the actual content of the video better and more accurate.
  2. Transcripts also make a great alternative especially in cases where the video sound is not audible enough.
  3. The text used in videos can be more easily found by search engines, especially if you plan to upload the video on your official site.
  4. Video transcripts are a great marketing tool as they lead visitors straight to your site. In fact it’s awesome for SEP purposes.
  5. The video transcript can be analysed further depending on the content and can also be used to make better decisions.
  6. Use the video transcript content directly to enhance brochures, blog articles or any other marketing material.


EQ Trans is just a call away from solving all your transcription requirements. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our video transcription services.

Why Outsourcing Transcription is a Good Idea

The term ‘outsourcing’ has always been a much debated issue. Can companies manage without outsourcing? Do firms really require outsourcing? Do the benefits outweigh other negligible aspects?


We’re here to tell you that outsourcing transcription may be one of the best decisions that you could ever make for your enterprise. Whether you are part of a large corporation which reaches out to customers, a reputed hospital that has won many accolades, a marketing research firm whose reports are read on a global scale or a small agency; outsourcing your transcription requirements only brings you many never seen before benefits. After all outsourcing any transcription requirement:


  1. Helps to cut down your investment costs.Helps to ensure better utilisation of your time.
  2. Brings down manpower costs.
  3. Ensures that you don’t have to waste office space for storing files and papers.
  4. Helps to heighten the efficiency of your work team.
  5. Reassures you that transcripts will be ready within the time-frame set by you.
  6. Eliminates the need for you to do any further editing or proof-reading.
  7. Enables you to take decisions much more effectively.

EQ Trans has been in the business of meeting the transcription requirements of clients based all over the UK for many years now. And we’re proud to add that we have quite an impressive portfolio to showcase as well. Besides our dedication towards meeting each deadline set by a client, our focus has always remained on creating transcripts that bring a smile of satisfaction to your face.


Our team of well-qualified transcriptionists are on standby 24/7 to address any transcription requirement you may have. Feel free to let us know what kind of style you would prefer or if there are any other guidelines we should adhere to while working on your transcript. Simply visit our website, create your unique log in id and upload your files directly. We will email you the ready to use transcript as soon as one of our transcriptionists have finished transcribing, proof-reading and editing the final document. Contact EQ Trans for fuss-free transcribing solutions today.