The world has indeed become a much smaller place and it’s certainly not uncommon for organisations to have a network of global connections which allows them to ensure that projects get completed seamlessly. Yes, if you aren’t really comfortable with the idea of giving any transcription work that you may have to a local agency, off shore transcription or even employing the services of a freelancer are definitely a good option to consider especially if you haven’t found a local agency that can work within your set budget.


However, here’s a word of caution: Cost may be the driving reason behind why you would rather look elsewhere for your transcription needs, but remember to factor in all the ‘unseen’ reasons as well before making a final decision –

  • Does your offshore transcriptionist speak your language, understand the rhythms and flow of words etc?
  • Is your transcriptionist familiar with the accents in which your audio files have been recorded? If she isn’t,then you will have to spend a few extra minutes pouring over transcripts for likely errors/misheard words or inaudible patches which were perfectly clear, just not understood.
  • Is your transcriptionist familiar and adept with the terminology used in your audio files in the context of the interview? It doesn’t make sense hiring the services of a person who has only worked on legal transcripts if your audio files deal with management terminology.
  • Can your transcriptionist be trusted to keep all your data confidential? Non-disclosure of details is a very serious concern that most organisations face especially when outsourcing such services.

Is hunting on the Internet for an offshore transcriptionist really worth it? Besides the likelihood of having to deal with inaccurate information and shoddy transcripts, you would also be wasting both your time and money. So it makes sense to entrust your precious data to the hands of a reputed agency like EQ Transcription Services Ltd. which has years of experience in the transcription business. We’ll not only do a great job with a remarkable turnaround time but even sign a non-disclosure agreement so that you can have 100% peace of mind always. So, why wait any longer? Give us a call today and let’s discuss your transcription needs.