At EQ Transcription Services Ltd, we take great pride in saying that our blog isn’t just for our regular clients, prospective clients or merely for the casual reader; it’s also about great practical articles for the people who sit at a desk and make each good transcript a reality. We know that transcribing for hours on end can be really tedious. After all, you have the dual task of listening and typing at the same time. That is a skill which takes time to master and yet the satisfaction of having created a flawless transcript which is readily accepted by a client is also a great professional achievement.

1185958_74052169So, whenever you feel that you just can’t transcribe another word anymore or that your eyes are red from staring for hours at the screen, turn to our small list of relaxation tips to help you unwind:

  •     Begin each day with a proper schedule at hand. List down exactly what work needs to be completed as well as the time frame required for each task. Make a note of any pending work or any transcripts with due deadlines.
  •     Decide at what time of the day you are at your most productive. This depends on whether you are a morning person or if you would rather get other things out of the way before getting down to work.
  •     Ensure that your work space is properly illuminated. This greatly reduces the strain on your eyes and makes typing easier.You would have to strain twice as hard to hit the right keys in a room with poor lighting.
  •     You could also buy an anti-glare screen protector for your laptop/monitor as well as an extra screen lamp with a USB port.
  •     Considering that your job is a sedentary one, make sure that you have the right chair which gives ample support to your spine.The perfect chair supports your weight perfectly and gives a supportive cushioning effect. You will greatly reduce your chance of getting back ache as well.
  •     Take frequent breaks. The kind of work you do is very crucial in terms of content and getting the matter right. If you are mentallytired, you are more likely to misunderstand terminology or even type the wrong word while transcribing. This indirectly extends the time you would need to spend on rectifying those errors as well, which can be both tedious and irritating. A short break each hour acts as an instant mental refresher, perhaps listening to some music.
    And of course, keep your mobile phone either in silent mode or switched off. Nothing can be more distracting than having to attend to a call while you’re otherwise focused on completing the assignment.