Businesses keep records so they can access this information at a later stage as a reference to what really happened and when. These records are often in a variety of forms; notes, telephone calls, minutes from meetings and so on, this diversity of material makes it difficult to build up a good picture of events.

In-house transcriptions are often of a much lower quality than those from a professional transcription service, such as EQ Transcription Services. The reason for this is, without outsourcing, the work usually is done by a secretary or receptionist who already have their normal workload to contend with, but also they lack the experience of a professional transcriber.

Information is only useful when it is accurate, and it is only accurate when you also know how and in what context it was said. EQ Transcription Services provide this level of quality. Our transcribers have experience and knowledge in many fields so they can offer a service that not only repeats what was said, but also how it was said. At times who said something seems unimportant, as it is only the results that matter, but who said it can be just as important for the growth of your business. A staff member who comes up with good ideas can be promoted, or another member of staff who always puts down ideas can be moved where their negative influence will not adversely affect your company.

Our clients receive every detail from the recording, (if that is what they want), even pauses, smirks and asides to provide a high quality reference document. In-house workers seldom have the time, knowledge or even technology to ‘clean up audio’ in order not to miss a whispered comment.

Without a quality transcription all you have are a bunch of notes, and no company can stride ahead with only that. Accurate records and orderly archives are part of what helps build a company and keep it strong, so do not fall down in this area by making do with a few comments filed away with a recording. Let a professional help you grow your business – it’s cheaper and quicker in the long run.