These days many jobs are in risk of becoming obsolete as computers do them for us. Translations and automated transcribing are just two of these. While this software might be useful on a personal level, it is not accurate. Internet is full of hilarious ‘auto corrections’, and this is exactly what automated transcribing does – changes what is being said into something else. ‘My luck has run out into the toad’, might be funny if a friend sent it, but if the intention was to speak to a vet to say your ‘duck had run out into the road’, it could be a question of life or death – for the poor duck.

Obviously this is a fun anecdote, but for businesses of all types, an exact copy is need for contracts, agreements, medical documents or whatever your line of work is. You cannot afford to take the chance of an incorrect transcription, just because it seems cheaper. In the long run one small mistake might cost you everything. The problem is, by then it is too late.

We at EQ Transcription Services Ltd, (and indeed all our other services), use only professional, experienced people. Our transcriptions are an accurate portrayal of what was said, but also how is was said. Automated Transcription Software not only struggles with the actual words, it has no idea of how important hesitations or tones can be.

“Do you think this man can be saved doctor?” “YES!” – Nothing to worry about.

“Do you think this man can be saved doctor?” “… em… yeees?” Maybe it is time to worry.

What might seem like a useful, easy and cheap means of getting a recording down on paper, is cheap and easy, it just isn’t useful. The question isn’t if it is accurate or not, as it almost certainly isn’t; the question is ‘are the inaccuracies important? Do they change anything vital?’

The only way to answer that is to listen to the recording while reading the transcription – but that defeats the purpose of this ‘cheap and easy’ way.