Here at EQ Transcription Services we pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted name for transcription services in the United Kingdom. Unlike other agencies that outsource their work to other countries, we at EQ Transcription Services endorse the tradition of guaranteeing that all documents are typed in the United Kingdom by transcriptionists whose English language is of the highest standard.

At EQ we pride ourselves on several things that matter the most:


At EQ we put you, the customer first and take great pride in having a highly-qualified team capable of dealing with all kinds of transcriptions irrespective of which industry they relate to. So, whether you want a legal, medical or focus group transcription we have the expertise to handle any of your requests.


We believe in a working methodology that is backed by the latest technology. Here at EQ we use Online Transcription Work Flow software which enables clients to upload files in a matter of minutes, enter any desired specifications and check on the status of a transcript too. Once the transcript is ready, it is emailed to the client keeping in mind the arranged deadline.


We pride ourselves on being an accurate transcription service and have a Quality Control team that edit and proofread every document that is transcribed.


Client confidentiality/security is of the utmost importance to us. We believe in building a long- lasting relationship with all our clients based on mutual trust and respect. To further cement this relationship we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality at every step in the transcription process. We adhere to Data Protection Act 1998 guidelines and are also happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if a client so wishes.


Our standard delivery time is 3 to 5 days. However, clients can choose Express service for guaranteed delivery within 48 hours and Priority service for guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.


Generally, we charge by the minute. There are a few factors involved in determining the total cost which would include the length of file, whether it’s a one-to-one or a focus group. Also, if you require extras like a customized format, time coding and a speaker with an accent will likely cost more. We are competitive in our prices whilst maintaining work of the highest quality.