‘Professional’ – a word used quite often these days. What does it actually mean? Some say, professional means to dress smart & work hard. Others say Professional is someone who has multiple certifications. Professionalism encompasses different qualities that define a Professional. So what qualities define a Professional Transcriptionist? Let’s check:

  • A professional transcriptionist will always look for detailed information from client to make sure that client receives best possible output. Despite the risk of antagonizing a client, a professional transcriptionist will ask more questions and will motivate client to ask questions. On the other hand, an amateur transcriptionist will just go by the client instructions without trying to understand minute details of the project.
  • There are chances that a transcriptionist may not identify the errors or typos in the transcript due to familiarity blindness and thus a professional transcriptionist will always prefer a proofreader to check the transcript before handing over to the client. On the contrary, an amateur would be more concerned about quick turnaround.
  • A professional transcriptionist will always stay updated with latest technology to exceed the expectations for a professional transcriptionist will always treat time as money and to provide error-free transcript on time, a professional transcriptionist will always be ready to learn details of new technology & equipments but an amateur will always prefer to go easy & quick.
    A professional transcriptionist is known by the company they are with and the standard of their work, organizational skills and ability to adapt technological advancements. So now we know what to look for in a transcriptionist while handing over the project.