When sourcing new talent for roles, there can be several factors to consider. Although some can make a good first impression, they may not have the skills needed to successfully carry out the role.

Similarly, there can be those that seem to be the perfect fit, only to find that the role is of little interest to them.  Fortunately, several steps can be taken to help ensure that the perfect fit is found for the business in every instance.

What may surprise some is that many businesses are introducing new methods of capturing data to ensure the right selection is made in every instance, including the use of zoom transcription.

If your business wants to ensure the next hire is a successful one, then why not try some of the following suggestions.

Ensure the Job Description Explains the Role Clearly

One of the reasons why so many companies struggle to find the right talent is because the job description does not offer clarity regarding the role. Taking some time to ensure that all the information is correct and lists the skills needed helps ensure that only relevant candidates are applying for a role.

Assess The Body Language

The way interviews are conducted has changed in recent years, and there are many instances when conversations with potential candidates are carried out online, which has meant interview transcription has now become important in the interview process.

This allows the interviewer to focus on other vital aspects of the person being interviewed, including their demeanour. If a person shows little interest in the role or has sluggish or uninspired conduct, then there is a good chance the person is not a good fit for the role.

Evaluate the Work Ethic of The Individual

Although a business would like to find people that possess all the skills required, other factors need to be considered. If you’re interviewing Zoom, then make sure Zoom meeting transcription is part of the process.

Doing this allows you to focus on aspects that could be otherwise missed. If a person does not have the skills needed for the role, but is a quick learner and has transferrable skills, this is preferable to a person who has the skills but is disinterested in the role.

Obtain Feedback from Those Not Present in The Interview

One of the main benefits of interview transcription is that a hard copy of the conversation can be viewed from those present in the interview. A different perspective is a necessity during the interview process, but the opinion of others may not be available on the day.

As such, make sure to advise others of the interview, and present them with an interview transcription so they can acknowledge what was discussed and help the business decide whether a candidate should be shortlisted or not.

Interview transcription can offer several benefits for businesses, especially regarding new hires. If you are keen to start enjoying the benefits of interview transcription, then why not contact EQ Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail.