Focus groups can come in many forms. Some may want feedback on a product before it is unveiled to the public, whereas others may use a focus group to discuss a political campaign. In either instance, having focus group transcription as part of the process ensures that your data doesn’t go astray.

Focus Group Transcription Makes Finding Information Easier 

Despite the benefits of recording a focus group, searching through the media to find conversations regarding different topics can be time-consuming. Having focus group transcription in place ensures that you have text that can be searched with ease, meaning important information can be located in seconds.

It also ensures that the same information can be forwarded to others who were not present, while still containing clarity and context regarding what was discussed during the focus group.

Interview Transcription Ensures Information is Clear

There are many ways of capturing video, but there will always be times when the flow of the conversation is interrupted, or an occurrence within the environment means that some of the conversations cannot be understood.

The professionalism of a company that carries out focus group transcription regularly ensures that all information is captured and can be perused with clarity.

Ascertain Who is Speaking

A noisy environment can mean some information is difficult to decipher when reviewing the final footage, including who is speaking during a focus group. Those recording the focus group using video will find the process easier, but having a transcription ensures there is no doubt on who is speaking.

This ensures that follow-ups can be directed to the right person, and any credit due regarding a good idea can be issued accordingly.

3 Steps to Ensure a Successful Focus Group Transcription

Although many will try the utmost to ensure clarity is present thorough out the recording, there can be occurrences that hinder this. As such, the following steps can help achieve the perfect environment for focus group transcription.

  1. Ensure Food is Consumed During Breaks

The introduction of food into a focus group can allow for a warm and welcoming environment, However, if consumed during talks, then there could be a lot of paused conversations, as well as noise that could interfere with the recording.

Food should be consumed before or after the focus group. Those with lengthy focus groups need to ensure that breaks are scheduled.

  1. Check Equipment Before Interview Transcription

You do not have access to high-end recording equipment when recording interviews using audio or video, but you do need to ensure you check the equipment beforehand. An uncharged battery or software update could mean that final recording is affected, meaning valuable data is lost.

Taking five minutes to double-check the device being used for recording can save a lot of hassles later when analysing the information.

  1. Enlist the Services of a Professional Transcription Company for Focus Group Transcription

Many people can assume that transcription is a simple, if not a time-consuming task, but this is not always the case. Of course, some focus groups are easier to transcribe than others, but in general, many businesses find it beneficial to enlist the services of a seasoned professional.

Regardless of whether you are looking for interview transcription or focus group transcription, EQ Transcription can offer affordable and professional service in every instance.