When searching for meeting transcription options, there can be a lot of options to consider. The low price of apps and automated systems can be an alluring prospect, but they are not always the best fit.

If you are currently considering your transcription options and are not sure what suits the needs of your business best, referring to the following information will ensure you are making the best decision regarding your team meeting transcription.

Team Meeting Transcription Using Video Conferencing Software

Two of the most popular video conferring platforms in the world are Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Both platforms offer a transcription service, but it may not be the best fit for team meetings. A transcription feature was added to Microsoft Teams in 2021, while Zoom has always offered AI-based transcription for a license fee.

Although both options are ideal for one-to-one conversations where everyone is speaking clearly, artificial intelligence can struggle if people are overtalking, or the environment causes the recording to be less clear than it should be.

At first glance, the use of the transcription services when using platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams can seem like a straightforward solution, but the outcome of using these platforms doesn’t always meet the requirements of a business, meaning that time is spent on correcting the errors and inconsistencies.

While both services certainly offer value regarding transcription, it won’t be ideal for those wanting to carry out online meeting transcription effectively.

Are Artificial Intelligence-Focused Apps the Future for Online Meeting Transcription?

A quick search of Google Play, The App Store or Windows App will unveil a series of options regarding AI audio transcription, but the quality of the algorithm can depend on the app used.

Given that all AI is used with most of the apps, many will encounter many of the problems they would when using video conferencing software.

There have also been security concerns raised in the past regarding privacy policies, meaning that such apps are avoided by those handling sensitive information.

The Best Form of Online Meeting Transcription Will Always Be Carried Out by Humans

The reason why many people choose apps over humans is because of their affordable nature, but it is important to understand that the quality of the transcription will always be inferior to that created by AI.

There is the argument that AI can complete transcriptions faster, but when factoring in edits, labels and grammar, the service offered by human transcription overrides that of artificial counterparts.

Rather than focusing on the cost of meeting transcription, a business needs to consider it an investment that allows for full confidence in every instance. This ensures quality is at the forefront of every transcription, with no additional costs or time required to correct mistakes.

Human online meeting transcription offers a genuine snapshot of what was discussed during the meeting and frees up time for employees to focus on more important tasks that need carrying out.

If you want to take advantage of affordable meeting transcription at a price you can afford then why not contact EQ Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail.