An interview can undergo several stages, and it can be a time-consuming and laborious task that doesn’t always yield the results a business is searching for. Fortunately, how talent is sourced has evolved, and finding the perfect fit for a business can be much easier than some think.

The Four Different Interview Methods Available

To find the perfect hiring process, a business must look at the options available and decide which is the best fit for them. In some instances, a business may only need one interview process, whereas others may need several.

Although there can be a learning curve mastering some interview techniques, a flexible recruitment process can be guaranteed moving forward.

  1. The Face-to-Face Interview

When searching for recruits, a face-to-face interview can be commonplace. It allows the business to build rapport with prospective employees as well as carry out an assessment in real-time regarding body language and other non-verbal social signals.

Despite the benefits of the face-to-face interview, if used throughout the whole hiring process, then companies could find the hiring process to be time-consuming and expensive.

  1. The Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is essentially a formal phone call that allows both the company and interviewee to ask any questions regarding the role and ascertain that it is of interest. However, the telephone interview is usually used in conjunction with other methods, due to the limitations of the interview.

As far-fetched as it seems, relying on telephone interviews alone could mean that a company is contending with fraudulent applications as well as genuine ones.

  1. Chat and Email

Although not as common as other interview techniques, the use of chat and email to find appropriate additions for the business has become popular in some sectors. Chat and email can be perfect for skill assessments and interviewing for limited roles, but like the telephone interview, needs to be used in combination with other meeting strategies.

Again, this is because using chat and email means the business could receive fraudulent applications. However, used in the right way, the use of chat and email can be a worthwhile consideration in some instances.

  1. The Virtual Interview

Given that the world as a whole has had to adapt to changes, the virtual interview has become a hot commodity for businesses all over the world. In short, the virtual interview combines the benefits of the face-to-face interview and telephone interview. As well as allowing the business to save money, a virtual interview is also easy to schedule when compared to conventional interview methods.

Where Does Virtual Interview Transcription Fit In?

Virtual interviews have become successful for several reasons, such as being able to record the interview, so the hiring process isn’t rushed. However, searching through video can be a time-consuming task in itself.

Fortunately, this task can also be streamlined thanks to virtual interview transcription. As well as ensuring servers aren’t working overtime due to sharing video, virtual interview transcription also aids those searching for information quickly.

If you’re keen to embrace the benefits of virtual interview transcription, then why not contact EQ Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail.