Copy typing a document is not merely about typing what one sees. It is also about proof-reading the document, placing it in the correct format according to a client’s specifications and ensuring that the typed document makes complete sense on first glance.

For many years, copy typing was just one of the many responsibilities that a secretary had to undertake but these days many organizations all over the country prefer to outsource such an important responsibility to external agencies. Besides, lowering overall expenses, outsourcing to an external agency assures a client that the job will be well-executed and most importantly; delivered on time. In fact, many organizations in industries like agriculture, medicine, publishing houses, education, retail and accountancy hire the services of a copy typing agency regularly.

A few copy typing requirements that organizations may have include:

  • Official documents.
  • Reports and any other business documentation.
  • Manuscripts, books, novels.
  • Handwritten official or personal notes.
  • Digital files and faxed documents.
  • Resumes.
  • Surveys and other analytic reports.
  • Scripts.
  • Essays, stories.

On the other hand, some organizations may also prefer to have a copy-typist near at hand during live presentations, meetings, board room meetings, conferences, video conferences and at other official events.

At EQ Trans, we’re here to address all your copy typing and transcription requirements. We have a team of professional and experienced copy typists who can deliver the kind of document you want in the format that you choose. Besides, proofreading and editing the typed document, we’re happy to follow any other guideline you may specify in terms of font, format or style. Our clients can send us any material they want typed in the original format itself, as a fax or even as a scanned copy. If you prefer, we can also send you the completed work as a digital text document or send you a hard copy as well. Get in touch with EQ Trans to find out more about how we can help you today.