We all know students are on a tight budget, but they have to balance good grades with what they spend. With a lack of funds in mind, using a transcription service such as EQ Transcription Services might seem like a bad use for limited money, but it could also be the answer to better grades. That in turn could mean a higher paid job when university or college is over, or at least more offers to choose from.

By recording and transcribing lectures you can capture every single word. Note taking while the professor is speaking, leaves many students playing catch-up and even missing important points. It simply isn’t possible to write down everything that is said; speech is much quicker than writing.

If your lecturer is talking about a complicated theory, you will probably struggle to follow his words, never mind writing them down at the same time. By recording the lecture you can concentrate on understanding the explanation without any distractions, and later, as well as a fully transcribed written account of what was said, you can play back the recording to listen again. If you can concentrate on listening to the concept, you might even have questions for your professor to help clarify certain points, but if you are writing, the talk will have moved on to another part before you can ask, and you will have missed the right time to question something.

It is believed that note taking while listening can capture only around 40% or less of what was said, so a significant amount will be missing.

Some students find it easier to learn by listening, which is a good reason to record the lecture, and then having it transcribed provides a quick and easy way to make notes. Others learn better by reading, which is also a good reason to record and transcribe what is said. Either way, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. You can gather a few fellow students and pool your resources, so four or five of you are paying for the transcription, thus lowering the cost dramatically.

By working with others it also means if you miss a lecture for any reason, you have a full and complete written account of what was said, as they will have recorded it, and you can then get it transcribed.

When a lecture is over, most students need to then re-write their notes to make them coherent, and this takes up valuable time. They then underline and highlight whatever part they believe will be needed for revision. With a transcription of the lecture in document form, it is easy and quick to make a copy in which you then delete all the parts you do not need, underline and highlight important points and write notes in the margin.

You can also listen to the recording while jogging, driving or eating, so you hear the lecture again, but lose no time doing it.

Note: Make sure the recording is good quality, and beware of cheap transcriptionists – they may not accurately transcribe the lecture. With a reputable company such as EQ Transcription Services, you are guaranteed accurate text.