1370587_31342387Podcasts are a great way of staying tuned to your favourite artist’s tunes, getting more information about a product or even for learning something new. Irrespective of whether you are a podcast developer with a neat following of loyal fans who wait eagerly for your next update or an organization that has just discovered the many ways in which podcasts can help reach your target audience, you’ll find that getting your podcast transcribed could be one of the best decisions you ever take in cyberworld. Let’s look at why seeking our professional transcription services can go a long way in putting you on the map in a B I G way.

  • If you thought that uploading audio files of varying duration on your home site would help in SEO ranking, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Inserting the right keywords or even a few helpful phrases would in turn make Google’s job easier in finding you from maybe another 1,00,000 other websites like yours. Similarly, most Internet users too prefer to type in a string of keywords in order to zero in on exactly the podcast they actually want. Transcripts of your podcasts are seriously beneficial in getting your website new viewers.
  • New to podcasting itself? Then you’ll find that transcribing your podcasts works wonders in giving overall search engine rankings a major boost and is a great idea for SEO too. Although there are plenty of websites which allow users to download podcasts for free, if you plan to charge a small fee for such downloads or earn revenue through advertisements; you’ll also need to amp up your position in any search engine ranking first. So make sure that irrespective of where your site visitor is located, he or she helps push your ranking up one notch!
  • The Internet is full of ideas on how to make some quick money and one idea that has caught on quite quickly is combining 5 or more podcast transcripts together and then selling it as an e-book. And yes, if you’ve given lectures or held interesting group discussions, then this is one sure-fire way to make some extra moolah on the side.

Next week we’ll take a look at some great podcast transcription software you could use, if you would prefer to transcript all your podcasts by yourself (although WE can be counted on to do a much more professional job with a shorter turnaround time!).