In the second part of our article, here are four more tips to help you in your hunt for the right transcription agency :

  • Check the Client List: An agency can rave about how good it is but if they don’t have a sound client list to present to you, then your data just won’t be in safe hands! There are many types of transcription services such as medical, legal etc and by asking for client references of other organisations, in the same industry as yours, you can gauge how qualified the agency in question will be with transcribing your data. In addition, you could also call up their clients in person for a reference check and to get an unbiased review. But remember, don’t hesitate to ask!


  • Visit the agency website: You’ll understand so many hidden details about an agency just by properly scrutinizing their website. An agency that is professional and serious about doing good transcription work will at all costs, have an error free and easy to surf website. Yes, looking over each sentence for punctuation and grammatical errors may be a tad tedious but it gives you the right hints about the kind of transcripts you are most likely to end up with! A website filled with sentence errors translates into an unprofessional transcript too!
  • Understand the payment terms: Many agencies love to advertise just how ‘ low-cost’ and ‘budget friendly’ they are. But what they don’t tell you is about the number of hidden costs that you may end up paying for without knowing they existed in the first place. An agency that is not transparent about its charges including payment structure and payment installments is an agency to be avoided at all costs. Assuming that you have plenty of regular transcription work to give any agency, make sure that you sign on the dotted line only when the terms are favorable to you.
  • Confidentiality is top priority: Many organisations don’t really think about how any data that is transcribed may be stored and used but this is a highly important factor to consider. A professional transcription agency will have a non-disclosure agreement in which it is agreed that any data sent by the customer will not be misused, given to any third parties or disclosed under any circumstances. Data theft and misuse of customer information even by an agency’s employees is a security breach that only a few transcription agencies are able to safeguard against.

Give EQ Transcription Services Ltd a call today and we’ll be more than happy to lay any concern you may have to rest. After all, we’ve been in the business of transcription for so many years, and counting.