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Initially, business was to purchase goods/services from here and sell it there. Today a lot of events/incidents take place between purchasing and reselling and a businessman has to keep a record of every event that takes place but in this age of digitization it becomes chaotic to do so. Transcription makes things easier for business. Let’s check how:
1. It is necessary to maintain documentation related to the deals that take place and it has to be in a language which is easily understandable. Transcriptionist can help maintain every minute detail of the deal and can ensure everything is error-free.
2. You may be creating sales videos to provide details of your products but what if the video is not easily accessible? A Transcriptionist can make sure that the video shows up in the search engines and is easily accessible.
3. Customers know what they are looking for and before purchasing any product most of the customers prefer to get reviews from other users. Your website may have videos of customer reviews but others may not have time to watch them. Transcription can help your customers through video transcription.
4. Most importantly transcription can help make your website easily accessible by adding valuable content to your website and inserting significant tags & information in the search engines which will increase the chances for your website to be found.
There are going to be numerous meetings, conferences, interviews etc and transcription is a best possible way to maintain a quality record of them. It will surely enhance proficiency and benefits of your business in a positive way.

Qualities of a Professional Transcriptionist

‘Professional’ – a word used quite often these days. What does it actually mean? Some say, professional means to dress smart & work hard. Others say Professional is someone who has multiple certifications. Professionalism encompasses different qualities that define a Professional. So what qualities define a Professional Transcriptionist? Let’s check:

1. A professional transcriptionist will always look for detailed information from client to make sure that client receives best possible output. Despite the risk of antagonizing a client, a professional transcriptionist will ask more questions and will motivate client to ask questions. On the other hand, an amateur transcriptionist will just go by the client instructions without trying to understand minute details of the project.

2. There are chances that a transcriptionist may not identify the errors or typos in the transcript due to familiarity blindness and thus a professional transcriptionist will always prefer a proofreader to check the transcript before handing over to the client. On the contrary, an amateur would be more concerned about quick turnaround.

3. A professional transcriptionist will always stay updated with latest technology to exceed the expectations for a professional transcriptionist will always treat time as money and to provide error-free transcript on time, a professional transcriptionist will always be ready to learn details of new technology & equipments but an amateur will always prefer to go easy & quick.

A professional transcriptionist is known by the company they are with and the standard of their work, organizational skills and ability to adapt technological advancements. So now we know what to look for in a transcriptionist while handing over the project.


Here at EQ Transcription Services we pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted name for transcription services in the United Kingdom. Unlike other agencies that outsource their work to other countries, we at EQ Transcription Services endorse the tradition of guaranteeing that all documents are typed in the United Kingdom by transcriptionists whose English language is of the highest standard.

At EQ we pride ourselves on several things that matter the most:


At EQ we put you, the customer first and take great pride in having a highly-qualified team capable of dealing with all kinds of transcriptions irrespective of which industry they relate to. So, whether you want a legal, medical or focus group transcription we have the expertise to handle any of your requests.


We believe in a working methodology that is backed by the latest technology. Here at EQ we use Online Transcription Work Flow software which enables clients to upload files in a matter of minutes, enter any desired specifications and check on the status of a transcript too. Once the transcript is ready, it is emailed to the client keeping in mind the arranged deadline.


We pride ourselves on being an accurate transcription service and have a Quality Control team that edit and proofread every document that is transcribed.


Client confidentiality/security is of the utmost importance to us. We believe in building a long- lasting relationship with all our clients based on mutual trust and respect. To further cement this relationship we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality at every step in the transcription process. We adhere to Data Protection Act 1998 guidelines and are also happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if a client so wishes.


Our standard delivery time is 3 to 5 days. However, clients can choose Express service for guaranteed delivery within 48 hours and Priority service for guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.


Generally, we charge by the minute. There are a few factors involved in determining the total cost which would include the length of file, whether it’s a one-to-one or a focus group. Also, if you require extras like a customized format, time coding and a speaker with an accent will likely cost more. We are competitive in our prices whilst maintaining work of the highest quality.

The Better Device for Recording Interview



Nowadays there are a lot of options available for everything we do. Similarly, for recording an audio also there are many devices available out there. Most common options are Dedicated/Digital voice recorder (Dictaphone) and Smartphone. We’ll discuss these devices in terms of recording an audio for transcription. Let’s check step-by-step which device is better.


1. Purpose & Format:

Dictaphone is digital voice recorder & as the name suggests it is made for recording only. Smartphone, again as the name suggests it is a phone which is for different purposes like calls, texts, internet surfing, photography and recording as well. Smartphone mostly support 2 formats which are 3GP & MP4 whereas various digital recorders are available which support different formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, MPEG, etc


2. Simplicity & Quality:

For transcription, we need a device which is easy to use. Dictaphone is as simple as record, stop & play whereas Smartphone usually don’t allow you to get to a recording app quickly. Also, most of these phones are not made for multi-tasking so while recording an audio if you get a call and you want to receive it, you are at a risk of losing your audio. When it comes to high quality audio, digital recorders come along built in microphones which are dedicated to professional recording only and thus provide high quality audio as compared to the Smartphone.


3. Duration & Affordability:

Audio that we need for transcription is sometimes very lengthy and Smartphone is designed to record between 30-60 minutes at once whereas digital recorders allow you hours of recording in one go. For recording such lengthy audios, recording device should have a decent battery life and again Battery life of a digital recorder is higher than that of a Smartphone. When it comes to pricing, digital recorders are more affordable whereas a Smartphone with a high-end built-in recorder comes with a big price tag.

Which device serves as better voice recorder, completely depends on the purpose that you are recording the audio for. For business purpose you may want to invest in a digital voice recorder whereas if you want the audio just for personal use then Smartphone could be your best option.

EQ Dictation : Smart App For Quick Transcription.

Would you believe it if we tell you that you could enhance the overall productivity of your office just by using our transcription services? Yes, outsourcing helps you focus on the tasks that matter most and helps you re-discover your productive self.


Our team at EQ Transcription felt that today’s technology is about carrying the world in your pocket. Think about it- the best gadgets are ones that you can comfortably hold in your palms, smart phones are small yet powerful and ‘mini’ as a word is no longer taboo; in fact it’s fashionable. In much the same way, applications or apps have made our life easier. You can now connect faster with friends or get an instant booking at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try out, without having to get up from your chair. That got us thinking as well.


We put our heads together and thought about how we could make sending audio files faster and easier. Sure, our instant file uploading service that can be found exclusively on our website is a big hit with customers but wouldn’t it be better and more convenient for our clients who are spread out all over the world if they could upload audio files with just a tap of one finger like others? This got us thinking – was it possible to develop an app that would make recording and uploading audio files faster and easier for you?


That was the challenge we took upon ourselves and that is how the EQ Transcription app named EQ Dictation was born.


EQ Dictation: Recording Screen

EQ Dictation

So, what’s new about this app and what are some of the other features that you can avail at the tap of a finger? Let’s take a look:

  1. You can turn your smart phone or device into an instant recorder.
  2. Send files directly to us for transcription from your device.
  3. Jot down any notes you’d like us to see with respect to formatting.
  4. Want your transcripts by a specified deadline? Let us know!
  5. You get an overall view of all our online services.
  6. Need some help from our customer desk? Just a single tap will do.


And here’s the best part- We have a dedicated team to track any transcription requests that reach us through our mobile app, so you don’t have to be worried about whether you will get your transcripts on time or not. Consider it done! If you’re ready to experience just how easy outsourcing transcription work can be then head here to download our app from the Play Store.


You can also download it on App store from here.



Verbatim Transcripts – Tips Every Client Should Know.

Verbatim Transcripts simply refer to a transcript in which a transcriptionist types every word heard exactly as it is spoken, without making any further changes or revisions to it. Therefore it is crucial the microphone for recording is placed closest to the speaker, preferably in a room with good acoustics, in a quiet environment where there is no background noise and also preferably no interruption to the interview.


These kind of transcripts are the most common ones that clients prefer and since every word or utterance is typed out just as it sounds, this is the perfect transcript format to use in court depositions or hearings. In addition to the words, verbatim transcripts also take other factors such as background sounds into consideration during the transcribing process. If the audio file being transcribed is for a court hearing, then even minor sounds which may have been left out of a transcript otherwise become important. For instance, the sound of a door opening and sound of footsteps across the floor also becomes important in such cases.



One of the first important things you need to be clear about when asking your transcription agency for a verbatim transcript is to let them know if each and every word and sound needs to be mentioned as such in the final transcript copy. There may be a few important sounds which you would want to feature in the transcript as well as other unimportant ones which will not be missed if they are left out. It’s advisable to give the agency some written guidelines for a set of audio files or for each audio file as per your requirements, so that it makes a transcriptionist’s job easier. In that way, they won’t waste time on the little bits that don’t need to be transcribed and can focus on the other parts instead.


Secondly, it can also be difficult for a transcriptionist to listen to multiple speakers at talking over each other at the same time can be impossible to hear and transcribe everything verbatim. So as a client, if the information you are working with is crucial, one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t miss out on getting each word spoken by all the speakers is to use more than one recorder while recording the interview or questioning.  Yes, it does require more effort on your part but it will be worth it in the end. Just remember to ensure that any recording does not take part in a room with an echo and that the recorder itself is held at a short distance away from the speaker’s mouth. This way, the spoken sentences will be much more audible on playback.


Verbatim transcripts can be a very handy tool especially when it comes to any legal or law enforcement concern. Give us a call today and we will transcribe any important audio files with a fast turnaround time for you!

Investigative Transcriptions – What’s That.

When someone says the word ‘crime’ or ‘investigation’, it’s likely that images of CSI or 24 come to mind. But just as EQ Transcription Services Ltd helps to ease the workload of corporations all across the country, law enforcement agencies too can greatly benefit from working with our transcriptionists.
Investigative recordings usually involve the use of multiple recorders and speakers who may not always speak slowly or in an audible tone. In fact many of these recordings are often made at the scene of the crime itself, in an interview room, in a sting operation or even in a long-term undercover operation which may involve two or three people speaking together at the same time. Taking down notes by hand at the scene of the crime or during an interrogation is often beneficial for refreshing one’s memory or for making short reports, they may not be sufficient during a full-fledged in-depth investigation. Besides, if confidential information has been jotted down on a pad, there is also a real danger of such information being misplaced or of it ending up in the wrong hands.


In fact, we’d even happily sign a non-disclosure agreement too. Secondly, with our ready to use transcripts in a digital format, it becomes easier to sift through all the information you have at hand and to pin-point any vital clues. You may be just one more step closer to actually closing the case itself. Thirdly, our transcripts can be provided as evidence if need be, in a court of law. Some forces expect their own staff to transcribe such audio recordings. This however, may put additional stress on the transcriber, especially if that person is not experienced in handling such sensitive data or inaudible audio files.


EQ Transcription Services Ltd can step in to help you make sense of all the facts, statements and clues. In order to safe-guard such information, it’s not unusual for many agencies and law enforcers to require documents and audio files to be encrypted or password protected. We go to great lengths to ensure that your information is always kept confidential, so that it never falls into the wrong hands.


Plus, our transcriptionists are well-equipped and well-versed in dealing with audio files of any nature. That’s why you won’t ever have to worry about the quality of our transcription work. If you would like to view our portfolio in person, simply get in touch with EQ today and we’ll call you back for an appointment. At EQ Transcription Services Ltd, perfect transcripts are an everyday reality!

On The Job, Tips For Transcriptionists – Part 1

A transcriptionist’s job doesn’t always start off as an easy one and like all other professions in the world; it takes loads of practice, dedication and hard work to actually become an ace transcriptionist. But what most self-help forums don’t tell you is that in order to become a highly skilled transcriptionist, you also need to work smart. As a reputable transcription agency, we’ve gathered a wealth of information along the way and it’s this experience that has helped our transcriptionists deliver the highest standards each time.1208422_89744071


So, irrespective of whether you are just starting out, have a few projects under your belt or a veteran-
we hope that these tips will help make a difference in the way you work:


  1. Everybody has to start somewhere and during your years as a beginner, having multiple projects of a shorter duration on your resume is much more impressive than having just a handful of projects of a longer duration. Put simply it is better to have experience of different speakers on a variety of subjects. Whether you would prefer to be experienced in general transcription in different areas or specialise in one or two niche areas e.g. legal and medical, is a decision you need to make. What’s more important is that you have adequate knowledge about the subject matter you transcribe and also carry out relevant searches online to find the correct information.
  1.  Ask any agency about the top two skills needed to become a great transcriptionist and ‘speed’ will without doubt be one and the other is accuracy. Yes, clients may want a transcript to be delivered in the space of an hour or two but which do you feel is better- delivering a highly flawed transcript and meeting the deadline or asking for an extension on the time and submitting a quality transcript? So, yes, if an impressive resume, good feedback and more work is what you want, then aim for accuracy and not speed. If you feel that a deadline is simply impossible to meet for example if the audio quality is poor or there are many participants, don’t hesitate to ask for an extension from the client as long as it’s fair and justified.
  1. Staying updated and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of transcription and of course, in your niche areas is very important.You’ll find plenty of great online forums which provide a good meeting ground for transcriptionists from all over the world and of course, for an exchangeof new ideas as well. Invest in the right books which you can refer to anytime you need to look up an abbreviation, understand a certain term used or simply to refer to.
  1. Many transcriptionists hesitate to invest in a pair of good quality head-phones and even in reliable transcription software. Yes, getting a good cheap deal online may make you smile now, but it most likely will not help you work efficiently.The quickest way to make a good decision you won’t regret in both cases is to talk to other transcriptionists and to do your bit of product review research as well. It’s likely that you will find conflicting reviews on the internet and that’s why you need to take time to do your reading thoroughly. But, in the end you’ll find that your efforts will pay off and let’s face it – you won’t be spending money unnecessarily either!

More tips coming your way next week!

On The Job, Tips For Transcriptionists – Part 2

(continuation of last week’s article)

  1. When you sit at your desk in the morning, it may seem like you have ample time to complete your transcripts, but by the time it’s afternoon, you may find that there’s still plenty of work left to be completed and not much time to do it either. One of the best ways to solve such a problem is to jot down your schedule for the day, week and month in a planner or work diary so that you take control of your time management. Besides, it also helps you meet any set deadline and also smooths out the entire work process as well.


  1. We agree that it does get difficult to remember what each abbreviation stands for, the details required for various transcription formats or even any specifications laid down by regular clients. How about using a notebook to jot down important information that you keep using time and again, for abbreviations, links, references and the like? When you are transcribing and  listening to an audio file, your quick notes will be the reference tool you need.
  2. Let’s be honest  –  listening to an audio file and typing out each word that you hear can be difficult. As a transcriber, you don’t have to get all the matter absolutely correct first time typing, by proofing it and running the audio a second time against the document can ensure corrections are made.  By using Auto Correct  a typist can use abbreviations and short forms of long words and phrases which  automatically replace. For instance, words like ‘collaborate ’ can be shortened to ‘clb’lse, ‘step-by-step ’ to ‘sbs’ and other difficult to type words which are tricky or use a lot of key. You don’t really need to adhere to a prepared format for such short forms- simply use what works best for you as long as a common word is not made from it i.e. ‘ate’ cannot be used for ‘at the end of the day’ as the word ate exists and would be replaced! In fact, the ‘Find and Replace’ option in Microsoft Word, also helps you edit whole documents in seconds. For example, if you hear a specific phrase which has been used countless times previously in the audio, but which is heard clearly to be different well into the audio, and you find the exact word online to confirm in context to make sure. Then you can put into Find the incorrect word and Replace with the correct word and it will show you how many replacements have been made! On a second run through you can check to ensure all the spelling and grammar and any Find and Replace have been done correctly.
  1. Don’t stress about those one or two words that appear barely audible and which don’t make any sense at all. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to figure out what the person is referring to, when you are half-way through your transcript. Constantly hitting pause, rewind and play to get a few words right can confuse you further. You’ll be in a better frame of mind to nail the missing words when it’s time to make further edits.
  1. Take breaks. We can’t emphasise this enough because you do need a breather at least every two hours or so just to de-clutter your mind and to refresh your senses. Besides, staring at a computer screen for long does cause eye-strain too and has been linked to decreased productivity at work.
  1. Learn to strike a balance between your work life and personal life. This helps to ensure that your job stays challenging each day, your job interest remains undiminished and it also helps you give your best to your clients as well.

We hope our tips help you perform at your optimum in your workplace!

Relaxation Tips For Transcriptionists.

At EQ Transcription Services Ltd, we take great pride in saying that our blog isn’t just for our regular clients, prospective clients or merely for the casual reader; it’s also about great practical articles for the people who sit at a desk and make each good transcript a reality. We know that transcribing for hours on end can be really tedious. After all, you have the dual task of listening and typing at the same time. That is a skill which takes time to master and yet the satisfaction of having created a flawless transcript which is readily accepted by a client is also a great professional achievement.



So, whenever you feel that you just can’t transcribe another word anymore or that your eyes are red from staring for hours at the screen, turn to our small list of relaxation tips to help you unwind:

  1. Begin each day with a proper schedule at hand. List down exactly what work needs to be completed as well as the time frame required for each task. Make a note of any pending work or any transcripts with due deadlines.
  1. Decide at what time of the day you are at your most productive. This depends on whether you are a morning person or if you would rather get other things out of the way before getting down to work.
  1. Ensure that your work space is properly illuminated. This greatly reduces the strain on your eyes and makes typing easier.You would have to strain twice as hard to hit the right keys in a room with poor lighting.
  1. You could also buy an anti-glare screen protector for your laptop/monitor as well as an extra screen lamp with a USB port.
  1. Considering that your job is a sedentary one, make sure that you have the right chair which gives ample support to your spine.The perfect chair supports your weight perfectly and gives a supportive cushioning effect. You will greatly reduce your chance of getting back ache as well.
  1. Take frequent breaks. The kind of work you do is very crucial in terms of content and getting the matter right. If you are mentallytired, you are more likely to misunderstand terminology or even type the wrong word while transcribing. This indirectly extends the time you would need to spend on rectifying those errors as well, which can be both tedious and irritating. A short break each hour acts as an instant mental refresher, perhaps listening to some music.


And of course, keep your mobile phone either in silent mode or switched off. Nothing can be more distracting than having to attend to a call while you’re otherwise focused on completing the assignment.