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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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Wireless Transcription Foot Pedals

imagesConsider yourself a pro at transcription? Then, maybe it’s time you purchased a classy wireless transcription foot pedal for yourself. Wireless models offer the user maximum ease while transcribing audio files, are very easy to use and are ergonomically designed as well. So, if you’ve always fancied lying down on your favourite couch and working at a slower pace or buying a foot pedal which did not come with a number of messy wires, then this is just the thing for you. Here are two great models you could consider for your home or office:


  1. V Pedal Wireless Foot Pedal: This is quite a popular foot pedal model which even comes with a USB port, in case you would prefer an alternative to the wireless function mode. This model is compatible with MAC computers as well as Winndows 7 and supports a number of well-known software programs. The three pedal functions are very easy to use and can be set up within minutes. This particular model can be easily purchased online as well.
  2. MotorGuide Brute Wireless Foot Pedal: On first sight, what catches the eye is the simple yet unique shape of the foot pedal which has well marked panels with easy to read letters. Users are certain to like the on/off panel which is usually not found in most other transcription models. MotorGuide allows the user to control the speed of any file that is being played and is compatible with most software programs too. If you’re the kind who prefers to work while standing, then this well designed foot pedal allows you to do so with minimal discomfort.


Remember that most wireless models offer a very limited wireless radius which means that you would have to be in the same room as the foot pedal for maximum uninterrupted efficiency. In comparison to USB foot pedal models however, wireless foot pedals come second in terms of popularity.

Serial Pin Transcription Footpedal Models

If your laptop isn’t one of the latest models or hasn’t featured in a TV ad in years, you don’t have to throw it out and buy a new one just so that you can get down to some transcription work. Don’t worry because we’ve got 3 good serial pin transcription foot pedal models for you to choose from. If you prefer picking them up in person from a local store, do so by all means but you’re likelier to get better deals online too. Here they are:


  1. Infinity IN- DB9:  Pick this model up only if you have a 9 pin serial port plug in your laptop or PC. Infinity is famous for its long-lasting and high performance foot pedals that could last you easily for years. You’ll find that this foot pedal is so easy to use and can accommodate any foot size as well. Use the centre pedal for ‘play’, the left pedal for the ‘fast-forward’ option and the right pedal to ‘rewind’ any audio file. You’ll also find that this foot pedal doesn’t keep moving while it’s being used and is compatible with so many well known transcription software programs.
  2. Infinity INF BMG 15 pin plug: Don’t fret about finding the right foot pedal just because your laptop or PC only has a 15 pin plug for external devices. This particular foot pedal model is easy to use and has large pedals that make switching between functions very easy. Besides, this particular model is ideal if you don’t want a huge foot pedal taking up too much space under your desk. Since it is quite light-weight, it’s easy to carry around in case you want to change the location of your work-space.
  3. WAVpedal Foot Pedal: This particular model features in our article on foot pedal models with USB ports as well as here thanks to its 9 pin communication port! So, as you’ve guessed, this is probably one of the few transcription foot pedals which are available in both connection types. Play any kind of audio file with this foot pedal which also removes the need for any additional transcription equipment such as a headset. All you need to do is begin typing as soon as the audio files in your PC begin playing loudly and trust us, you’ll be vowed by its amazing sound quality. Simply control the playback by using the pedal controls and select the optimum volume settings displayed in the user interface.

USB Foot Pedal Models

In our last two articles, we listed a few popular foot pedal types, at least one of which can be found in a transcriptionist’s office. In today’s article and the next two, we’ll be taking a look at a few well-known models for each foot pedal type, just so that you have an idea about what to look for when shopping for one! Remember that the prices mentioned here are likely to vary and one of the best ways to get a great deal is to spend some time visiting a few retailer sites- you’re sure to find some fantastic offers online if you have decided which model you will be purchasing, but if you’d prefer to check out a preferred foot pedal in person first, check out a retailer who sells only genuine products.


Here are some well-known USB foot pedal models which are a handy companion for the office goer or for a home based freelancer:

  1. Infinity USB Digital Foot Control: Fed up of all the extra features that so many brands claim to have in their foot pedals? Then pick up this fuss free Infinity foot pedal which has so many fans across the UK. Besides its low cost (which is great if you’re a beginner!), you’ll find users claim that it also outlasts so many other branded models available today. Use it on your Mac or Windows PC; download the free ExpressScribe software that’s available on the site and you’ll be ready to use your purchase in less than a minute. The minimum you would have to pay for this model is GBP 70. Infinity also has many other foot pedal models with extra accessories like headsets which you could consider as well.
  2. StartStop Universal Transcription System: Want a foot pedal that’s in sync with the times? Grab the StartStop transcription foot pedal then! It supports any audio file format you can think of, supports audio playback of many video formats, is compatible with Windows 7, has multi-language compatibility and allows you to work for more than ten hours at a stretch with its adjustable playback speed. You’ll love the speedy updates and other enhanced features which make transcribing a breeze. Expect to shell out a minimum expense of GBP 150.
  3. WAVpedal Universal Transcription system: As the name suggests, this model only supports any Wav- formatted audio file, although it is  quite easy to install and use. It is compatible with many operating systems including Windows 7. They also offer a range of accessories which can be purchased online as well. You could end up paying a minimum amount of GBP 168 for this popular model.

Stay tuned for our next articles on more transcription foot pedal models!