If your laptop isn’t one of the latest models or hasn’t featured in a TV ad in years, you don’t have to throw it out and buy a new one just so that you can get down to some transcription work. Don’t worry because we’ve got 3 good serial pin transcription foot pedal models for you to choose from. If you prefer picking them up in person from a local store, do so by all means but you’re likelier to get better deals online too. Here they are:

  • Infinity IN- DB9:  Pick this model up only if you have a 9 pin serial port plug in your laptop or PC. Infinity is famous for its long-lasting and high performance foot pedals that could last you easily for years. You’ll find that this foot pedal is so easy to use and can accommodate any foot size as well. Use the centre pedal for ‘play’, the left pedal for the ‘fast-forward’ option and the right pedal to ‘rewind’ any audio file. You’ll also find that this foot pedal doesn’t keep moving while it’s being used and is compatible with so many well known transcription software programs.
  • Infinity INF BMG 15 pin plug: Don’t fret about finding the right foot pedal just because your laptop or PC only has a 15 pin plug for external devices. This particular foot pedal model is easy to use and has large pedals that make switching between functions very easy. Besides, this particular model is ideal if you don’t want a huge foot pedal taking up too much space under your desk. Since it is quite light-weight, it’s easy to carry around in case you want to change the location of your work-space.
  • WAVpedal Foot Pedal: This particular model features in our article on foot pedal models with USB ports as well as here thanks to its 9 pin communication port! So, as you’ve guessed, this is probably one of the few transcription foot pedals which are available in both connection types. Play any kind of audio file with this foot pedal which also removes the need for any additional transcription equipment such as a headset. All you need to do is begin typing as soon as the audio files in your PC begin playing loudly and trust us, you’ll be vowed by its amazing sound quality. Simply control the playback by using the pedal controls and select the optimum volume settings displayed in the user interface.