Pre-production is a core part of any video product.

It pays to be switched on during pre-production to avoid surprises during the video production process. There are three main points to keep in mind when it comes to pre-production, so let’s check them out and see how a London transcription process can make a difference.

Purpose, Planning, and Preparation – The Keys to Pre-Production

Pre-production is important for working out all the details of your video project. The amount of time that you spend on pre-production can vary depending on the content in question. On average, you can spend 3-7 months on the pre-production for substantial video content like a movie, but a few minutes can only be a few minutes.

Let’s take a look at the three stages of pre-production:


Purpose is vital for a video. What are you trying to accomplish? What’s the goal of your video? If you know what this is, then you’ll be able to make the smart decisions.

Ask yourself what you’re trying to convey, what you want to do, and what your main audience is. When you know about the purpose of your project, you’ll be able to make the smart decisions. Your purpose informs everything in a video.


Once you’ve figured out your purpose, you need to know what your planning step looks like. This helps to make the project a reality.

In this stage, you’ll be focusing on things like making a production roadmap, building project timelines, and settling on a proper budget. You’ll be making actionable steps that you can take and ensure all the details of your video project are accounted for.


Now that you’ve got a script, budget and schedule, you can start to prepare for the production.

This can include hiring cast, crew, checking for locations and sourcing props. You can also schedule pre-production calls if you need to link up with experts.

Use Transcripts to Streamline Pre-Production

Transcriptions are a good solution for making sure that your pre-production process goes smoothly and delivers you the experience you need.

The most accurate and simplistic way for you to keep track of what’s going on is to record all of the pre-production meetings to make sure that valuable insights and ideas aren’t missed. That’s where transcripts can be useful. They help to save time and give you the materials in a quick and easy fashion.

This is why transcripts are so popular as a solution. You can easily create an efficient pre-production process, using transcripts as a basis for taking notes and staying on top of what’s going on.

By having access to transcriptions of your meetings, you can select information at a glance and use it as part of the pre-production process. Furthermore, you can search, comment, and annotate transcriptions as necessary.

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