Academic transcriptions are important for both students and lecturers. Each use them for different reasons, but both play an important part in university life.

For Students

First, you may be eligible for a grant that will cover transcription services such as that provided by EQ Transcription Services. Even if this is not the case, paying for certain transcriptions is money well spent as it saves a lot of valuable time, and often costs much less than you may think.

Note taking during class can be rather random, even unintelligible, while trying to keep up with a speaker. By recording the lecture and later getting it transcribed you can be sure of always having all the correct and important facts to hand. Ask friends and fellow students to collaborate, so you all pay for the transcription and share the written documents if money is a problem. This way it will cost very little for each student while providing valuable material for studying. It also lets you concentrate better on what is being taught.

Dissertations and thesis can involve many hours research and interviews, so again having a professional transcribe these, is helpful.

For Lecturers

Lectures are not off-the-cuff speeches, or at least not usually. They are well prepared and researched material. Teachers of all levels often find it useful to gather all the material, which can include interviews, (possible transcribed before they start to plan their lecture). Other lecturers speak and record their lecture in order to see how it sounds and how long it lasts. Again this can be transcribed to provide written text for students in addition to the spoken word.

That said, where a transcription service really helps is to get a written copy of what was actually said during the lecture. This provides the professor with a copy of what he taught, (often slightly different to the original intention), as well as notes he can refer to for another lecture. This way it is easy not to duplicate information to the same students, or if it was a really great speech, it can always be used again for another class.

We at EQ Transcription Services are experienced professionals, so why not allow us to do the work for you, leaving you more time for your studies.