There are many very good reasons to transcribe video, and really only one not to, and that is the time it takes. Transcribing video can be a lengthy process, but if you outsource this to a professional company like EQ Transcription Services, then this does not rob you of precious time for doing other things your job entails. The cost of this service is money you can see coming back into your coffers thanks to the transcription.

The process of converting recorded speech from a video into text may seem the same thing as transcribing from audio, but it isn’t always, not exactly. Depending what requirements a client has, and what they intend to use the transcription for, this may involve fitting the words into the actions happening on the video.

Here are 6 good reasons why transcribing the audio from a video is important:

  1. By providing a transcript of the video you are making it accessible to more people. This includes people with hearing difficulties, or simply people who do not want to turn up the volume, (now that many people work from home perhaps children are asleep, or someone in the house is on the phone).
  2. A transcript can easily be made into captions and subtitles to improve user experience while watching.
  3. A transcript is easier for a search engine to index. This will give you a higher page rank, which in turn gives your site or web page more chance of being discovered and brings in more business.
  4. You will increase your chances of your keywords being ranked highly, both single keywords and especially ‘long-tail keywords’, (these are phrases of three or more words).
  5. Some people prefer to know what they will be watching before deciding to watch it, so a summery can help them to decide and may be what pushes them into choosing your company/product
  6. A video with a transcript is easier to share on many platforms, (and the transcript alone has more share possibilities).