These days, when much learning is done online, how lessons are learnt has changed. Until recently a teacher talked standing in front of a class and perhaps showed visual images to enforce or enhance the lesson while students took notes. If one pupil missed something or didn’t understand a part, they could ask a friend later on about that particular bit. Teachers too had a different attitude as they had a different role. They could see what all their students were doing while repeating something for one pupil’s benefit.

Now students have no one to ask except the teacher, and as the teacher cannot control other student’s behaviour while concentrating on a single student, they seem more reluctant to spend time explaining anything that twenty nine people understood to the only one who didn’t.

Online learning is different. There is still the audio of the teacher talking, and visual aids are shown, but note taking isn’t as easy, and in some cases it is next to impossible. Not every home has a table where the computer stands so people can write notes while watching the screen.

Also how well you hear the lesson depends on your internet connection, computer, and software, and there can be jumps, skips and frozen time in the middle of an important part.

These are only a few of the reasons why having a transcript of the lesson helps enormously. Not only does it mean students miss nothing of whatever their teacher explained, but they have a written record they can quickly and easily search to look up a specific detail or to go back over to find a part they didn’t understand.

Students who do not need to take notes can also pay more attention to the lesson, and this is an added benefit.

We at EQ Transcription Services do many of these types of transcripts, and teachers and lecturers who use our services find it very economical. Remember the low cost a single documents had can then by copied and sent to every student, no matter how many this is, so one transcription will benefit thirty people, or more in many cases.

Technology is no longer a fun thing, it is a vital part of everyday living. Using this to its best advantage is obviously beneficial, and a transcript of a lesson offers the benefits mentioned above and more, (such as a record for teachers).