Transcription services have always been important, but with the life people the world over are now leading, they are nor more important than before. Many people are now leading ‘online lives’ where before they had personal contact and face to face meetings. This can be daunting.

Online education has become a necessity for many in different countries, and even online video medical appointments are the norm in many places.

Where business meetings of all types have been transcribed for many years, (although not by as many companies as today), the two fields mentioned above introduce new people to a more difficult way of life. More difficult that is until you get the hang of it, and learn how to make it simpler. Transcription does this in an efficient and quick way.

A virtual lesson that is transcribed can actually make it easier to learn the facts than the simple classroom lesson. Students and children have access to the spoken lesson, delivered over video conferencing software, but they also have written notes to check back on when revising. This gives them the best of both worlds, without the need for them to miss parts of the lesson while they take their own notes.

Medical appointments too can be useful if transcribed as you can check what was said, and confirm any advice given without worrying if the doctor said to take the pills once or twice a day.

Even businesses which have used professional transcription services for years are learning that a transcription provides more than they originally thought. They have discovered transcriptions save time in a newly uncovered way. People read faster than they listen, so a transcription of a meeting can be passed to anyone not present for the actual meeting. This saves the speaker time because they do not have to go over the points again, but it also lets the staff member read the information in less time than he or she would have spent listening to it.

All the fields mentioned above, and many more too, necessitate an accurate transcription, and only an experienced human transcriptionist, such as the ones who work for us at EQ Transcription Services, can offer that. For instance, a human can differentiate between background noise and spoken words better than a computer. They are able to distinguish when one voice interrupts another and consequently they will indicate two speakers, where a computer often believes it to be one.

There is no substitute for an experienced professional, and transcriptions are the way forward in this new world. Contact us for a quote on any job and allow us to make your life easier.