Being a private detective is not as glamorous as it appears on television. A large part of the time is spent on surveillance and conducting interviews. This involves recording information which then needs made into document form, either as notes for the detective, or official documentation to send to the client.

Transcribing from recordings is very time consuming and this is time the detective could better spend on more surveillance or collecting more proof. Often there are hundreds of hours of recordings for each job, either audio or video, to transcribe. That is why outsourcing this job to a transcription service is the best option.  This investment will quickly pay off as it guarantees an accurate account of what happened without taking up the detective’s precious time.

The transcribers at EQ Transcription Services are all experienced, and this shows in the detailed and accurate transcriptions we provide. We offer a choice of totally transcribing every word, laugh and silence, or a simple note taking of salient points for a quicker and easier read, depending what is asked of us and if the copy is for the private detective, his client or a legal professional.

In some cases private detectives are called as witnesses in court cases, so an accurate and detailed account of what took place is vital. We at EQ provide documents that are ready to be handed over as evidence in a court case.

We also guarantee privacy and will sign NDAs if you wish, so you can send sensitive information to us, safe in the knowledge we will not reveal your findings and the information remains undisclosed.

We make certain that every transcript is accurate, formatted to any specific needs, and​ delivered on time and within budget. This permits the private detective to concentrate on his speciality of investigating.