If you thought transcription was only meant for professionals in medical and corporate organizations, then we have great news for you! Transcripts are quite a cool way to reach a target audience anywhere in the world and when combined with the awesome reach of audio and video files, you not only give people the chance to really understand what you’re saying, but you can even reach out to them in their own language. For instance, let’s take YouTube. Sure, watching the latest funny clips, teasers, movie trailers or pop song videos can be fun, but YouTube also spells serious marketing potential.

It’s not unusual for many well-known brands to create small clips about a product and use YouTube as a forum for promotional purposes. In case, this is one idea that you haven’t explored, don’t worry we’ll show you how. In fact, over the next few articles, we will be looking at how adding a speech transcript to your YouTube videos gives you so many benefits we bet you never thought about. And of course, how to do it as well!

But first, let’s talk about CaptionTube. Simply put, this web application allows you to add closed captions to any segment of your video after you import the video that you want to edit. Here’s how it works:

  • You can choose to edit a video that is already up on YouTube by clicking on the ‘Personal Video’ option in the CaptionTube app.
  • You don’t need a third party software at all, because once you give permission for the integration of CaptionTube and YouTube, you’ll find a list of videos featured in your private and public list showing up on your screen.
  • Once you decide which video you would like to import for editing purposes, simply click on the ‘Import’ option and you can begin adding captions once it shows up on the ‘My Videos’ page.
  • By using the ‘Play’ and ‘Add caption’ buttons, you will now be able to insert your own captions while the video plays.

Besides a scaleable timeline, this app allows users to preview any caption that has been added within seconds so that you understand how your target audience actually views them. Plus, the added bonus of allowing you to create multiple language tracks is a winner all the way. CaptionTube removes the need for additional software which can be a burden and once you’re done, you can also export your edited video for use anywhere else too. This may be quite helpful for boardroom meetings, group discussions and even focus group interviews. In addition, the right usage of captions goes a long way in helping you to stress a point further or even to catch the attention of your viewer.