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Employment Guidelines

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Before applying to work with us, please ensure you have read the following guidelines and can comply with them:



  1. EQ Transcription Services employs typists who are trained to highest standards of English language and transcription skills.
  2. We expect you to have necessary transcription equipment including a foot pedal and audio software in place before applying to work with us.
  3. Though the work environment is quite flexible and you are free to work at your own pace, we expect 100% professionalism when it comes to delivering quality and meeting the deadlines.
  4. If selected you will be required to signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement in order to ensure confidentiality of data and files provided by our clients.
  5. As a part of our selection process, you will have to achieve high standards of transcription in  a paid trial.
  6. Once selected you can check and claim the jobs available from our online system. We expect you to check the deadlines and also the audio quality before claiming a job to make sure you can finish it on time and deliver the required quality.
  7. If due to some unavoidable circumstances, you are not able to finish a job on time, we expect you to inform us well in advance to allow us to find a suitable replacement.
  8. You will invoice us on the last day of every month for the work done during the month. All invoices are paid within 10 days of receipt.