Transcription has long been used in the research sector, but nowadays it is even more important than before. Focus groups are smaller and that means interviews tend to be more in-depth, the data collected is more comprehensive and there is a lot more of it. That is why a transcription service can be a vital tool for researchers who need quick results in today’s rapidly changing market.

Once a researcher conducts an interview, or speaks to a focus group, if they record this and send it to a professional transcription service such as EQ Transcriptions, they can then continue with more interviews and collecting more data while the transcription service turns their audio or video recording into a page of text. An accurate transcription will not only show all the words that were spoken, but it will also indicate tone, hesitations, and what it can be vital; non-verbal clues to what the person really thought. A pause or hesitation can mean as much, if not more, than a quick reply.

A hesitation and a long drawn out ‘yeeees’, will probably not mean that the person is one hundred percent behind the product. It is more likely that this will indicate that the product or idea was pleasing but would appeal more if it were longer, smaller or changed in some way. This is an important distinction in the research field.

Having an accurate transcript of the interview also has another advantage; it lets the interviewer or researcher quickly see if they were there were any follow-up questions they should have asked, discover if anything was missing or if there was something they should ask in a different way because it was too easily misinterpreted.

Researchers have deadlines for their work so they must get a comprehensive report and feedback to the clients within a set time. A professional transcription service will transcribe the recording and have it returned promptly and accurately.

Research is often carried out in multiple ways and by different people, but it is the collaboration and end result that is important. Once an audio or video recording is turned into a written document it is easier to share with other researchers. It is also much simpler and quicker to compare and analyse the results in a document than it is to find the information by listening to an audio recording.

A professional transcription service uses skilled and experienced transcriptionists who can work with any project in multiple fields and will return your work in an accurate, affordable, and timely fashion.

This allows the researcher to dedicate all their time to doing the job they are paid for, and that is research.