In transcription, time coding or time stamps help you to align texts in an audio accurately. It makes it easy for you to carefully listen and review a given moment in a conversation. Today, time coding has become increasingly popular due to the benefits it offers. When used in transcription, a time stamp enhances texts synchronization with a specific or rather selected moment in a file.

Examples of timestamps and time coding

  • When the date and time of an event is recorded.
  • When a post or event in any social media platform is recorded.

Why are timestamps important in transcription?

When you are in an interview session, a group discussion or you are compiling an important report, you can carefully align text with a specific incident in an audio or video file. This gives you prove and references to a specific occurrence. Note that a time stamp can be made exactly into a file or within the transcripts at different intervals.

You may also want to have a time stamp after a moderation question. This is quite popular, if you are having an individual interview or small group interviews. It is, however, good to note that time coding is available to specific types of media including:

  • Digital video files with a clear timecode burn.
  • Quick time files which come with embedded timecode.
  • Audio files featuring SMPTE timecode on a featured or available channel.

Requirements for Time Stamping, Burn Time and Time Coding in Transcription

If you need time coding in transcription, it is essential that you provide accurate timing for the audio or file. Based on your needs, transcriptions can be done for documentary films, talk shows, podcasts, and television and group interviews.

It also requires quality expertise. This is what we offer best. If you need a time code that is quite visible in the beginning or even after 15 seconds, we can do that for you. It is one of the most popular time codes used in interview transcriptions. Depending on the length of the video, you can be sure of visible timecodes to help you align your conversation.

You may also prefer a specific medium of transcription, for example, VHS or DVD. In this case, we offer digital audio files and audio cassettes including WHA and MP that come with audible time codes. Note that time stamps can also be used efficiently in place of time codes. Therefore, you only need to specify what suits your needs.

In the event of full-time continuities, it is very important that you provide accurate time codes. This is to ensure that time is inserted at accurate intervals. Accurate information simply implies that you will have a detailed transcription that has all its essentials including;

  • Dialog
  • Credits
  • Cues
  • Screen graphics and time codes as applicable

Similarly, a time code is usually carried out by a cut by cut mode. This means you will have a burn time or time code for each line. However, the timecode will not cover the entire conversation in an interview. Most importantly, an accurate stamping will help offer captions as well as subtitles for your transcription videos.

Therefore if you looking for a way to implement quality timestamps for your organization; or you have any pressing questions that you wish answered in this post, feel free to contact us. We will offer timely and customized solutions for you.