Transcription might seem like something of a dying art these days, as everything can be recorded during online meetings. And many meetings do take place on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, creating a written record of what was said using typing services is still important to businesses all over the world. Trying to locate a specific point in a three-hour recording will take a lot longer than being able to glance through the transcript to find a keyword. For people with hearing loss, copy-typing transcription remains vital and is a daily tool used when watching television and other digital media sources. So, the idea that transcription is no longer needed is incorrect. Here are some reasons why transcription in the digital age is so very needed.

Easy Comprehension

How many times have you been in a conversation and drifted off and lost track of what’s happening? If we have audio information and get distracted, it can be very difficult to find the place again. However, the written word makes it easy to understand and read, and if you lose your place, you can simply go back a few lines and see where you were.

Quick Location

It’s also very important for things like court services and legal matters that an accurate record of what happened is kept on paper. Trawling through audio files is time-consuming, and for example, in the case of hospitals and doctors, it’s vital that care information and past medical history can be found quickly and easily by reading off the screen from information that has been transcribed.

Aides Accessibility

Transcribing spoken word in any form helps companies comply with accessibility targets for everyone. People who are deaf or hard of hearing may struggle to comprehend what is being said in an audio conversation but can understand written transcription, giving them access to the same level of information as everyone else.

Referencing and Analysis

Making notes and referencing or quoting information is not really possible with an audio recording. Copy typing of transcripts is perfect for adding notes and references and even analysing the content to draw conclusions. It would be laborious and time-consuming to be trying to locate key pieces of information in a very long recording.

Translation Services

Once a document has been created from an audio file and transcribed into a written word, it is possible to translate the content into different languages. Again, it would take a lot longer to do this if the audio file was the only way of accessing the text. It’s much easier and less time-consuming to simply translate a written document.

The Takeaway

Transcription is a really important service in many different industries and provides an accurate and long-lasting document setting out details of what was said in an audio or video conversation store. EQ Transcription Services are always on hand to assist with any transcription needs you might have and provide an accurate and reliable typing service to help you organise and store documents and important information.