Easy access to data means that foreseeing potential threats is easier than ever. However, there are just as many risks as there are rewards in the business world, and there can be times when a company must deploy some form of crisis management to contend with a potential threat.

The pandemic has shown that there can be times when businesses are unprepared. Still, some steps can be taken to ensure that video conferencing is an essential asset in all crises, especially when other forms of communication have been restricted.

Using a third-party professional for meeting transcriptions also allows a business to revise the discussions held, clarify what approaches were practical during a crisis, and use these avenues to create a robust contingency plan moving forward.

Meeting Transcriptions Can Help Create a Contingency Plan Again Future Crisis

Meeting transcription is perfect for ensuring all communications are kept secure, but the data can also be used to create a contingency plan should a crisis arise in the future.

There are many obstacles a business can face, which include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Natural Crisis
  • Technological Crisis·
  • Personnel Crisis
  • Organisational Crisis

Regardless of the crisis that’s occurred, being able to research the discussions held helps a business help create a plan of action that is robust and effective.

Meeting transcription can provide a simple record of the conversations held that can be scanned for crucial points that proved effective during the crisis, rather than having to browse hours of audio or video.

Video Conferencing Ensures All Lines of Communications are Kept Open

There are many reasons why a meeting needs to be held, and some instances can require urgent attendance. Although employees may not be able to attend the urgent meeting physically, there are options available that allow for virtual attendance via several devices with robust security in place.

No business likes to prepare for the worst but having the means to connect with everyone as soon as possible can mean that if a crisis does arise, it can be dealt with sooner rather than later.

A Reliable Form of Contact During Data Breaches

Despite the multitude of options available when securing a business, it is advisable to have a contingency plan in place should there be a security breach.

Discussions with clients and customers via conventional means may not be advisable if there has been a data breach. This includes online messaging services and email.

Still, a secure video conference platform allows businesses to liaise with professionals to remove the security risk and offer a way of contacting customers or clients that may be at risk because of the breach.

Video Conferencing Settings Can be Amended for Maximum Security

Of course, just because video conferring software can be an essential tool during crisis management doesn’t always mean it should be used conventionally. Some settings are amended to ensure your meeting is as secure as possible.

The following is an example of the changes that can be made to ensure all communications via video conferencing

  • Lock the Meetings
  • Limit Screen Sharing
  • Only Share Video Conference Links Between Trusted Parties
  • Cut the Video
  • Turn Off Live Captioning

Video conferencing meetings of a secure nature should not be auto transcribed, nor should they be uploaded to an automated service. Instead, using a professional meeting transcription service is more secure and guarantees that meeting transcription is legible.

EQ Transcription can provide cost-effective meeting transcription and ensure that all meetings are transcribed verbatim. Customers can also be confident that all meeting transcriptions are handled with data protection and security in mind, so there is never any risk of information being leaked.

If you want to take advantage of meeting transcription, why not contact EQ Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail.