Many people believe that the free or low cost online software/apps can take the place of human work. These ‘machines’ do the job quicker, cheaper and with no fuss, so why not use them? Well, they are extremely inaccurate, and that means they could cost you a bundle, so they are not cheap after all.

One example is; Machines that transcribe words into pages cannot tell the difference in tone between ‘yes?’, ‘yes’ and ‘yes!’, and this difference could be vital. It will be a long time, if ever, that machines can do certain jobs as well as humans.

There are many fields where accurate transcriptions are imperative, and only a professional, human, can offer that. Here are a few fields which still need human transcriptionists:

  1. The Law

The legal profession still need transcription services for many parts of their job. Court cases are recorded and then transcribed so each party can go back over what happened, and in what way it happened. Interviews with suspects or witnesses are another area where it is important to be accurate and show what tone or inference was used as well as the words.

  1. Medical Profession

Doctors, health-care professionals and medical facilities use transcription for patient consultations, medical research, focus groups, discussions and more. This is another field where an exact transcription is fundamental to the correct care, so this needs to be done by trained professionals who understand every word said and can also transcribe the tone and any unspoken pauses or hesitations.

  1. Marketing

Market research is an important part of any successful business and here, again professional transcription services, such as those provided by EQ Transcription Services, play an important part. Customer remarks or interviews about products, along with meetings and seminars need to be well documented for the research to be valid, and the company to move forward in the right direction.

  1. Science

As science evolves and more research is done, so there is more material that needs transcribed. This could be anything from private research to major conferences, but either way a minor mistake could lead to disastrous consequences. Some countries, when giving figures, use the comma where people in Britain use the point, so for instance; in Italy 2,317 is 2.317 in UK, not two thousand three hundred and seventeen. It takes a human to know these things and adapt their transcription accordingly.

  1. Media

The media is another sector that uses transcriptions in many ways, be it to create a copy of an interview, or a journalist who took notes on a recording device, and they too need precise records of the events.

Whatever the case, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and that means a professional transcription service with trained humans.

There is only one question to ask yourself – “Do I want it extra cheap or right?” Both are not possible.