Data security, (which is also referred to as System Data Security amongst other names), means protecting data from unauthorised access or corruption throughout the lifecycle of the data. Perhaps the most accurate name is Information Security, because that is exactly what it is about, securing your personal and private information.


First, and the most simple, is using a Non-Disclosure Agreement, usually referred to as an NDA when working with a third party. The person you send your work to signs this agreement, promising not to reveal anything in your file to anyone else. This means both private information and business ideas or breakthroughs. We at EQ Transcription Services Ltd offer NDAs to all our clients as part of our service.


In 2018 new data laws went into effect in Europe called General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR). This means whoever has your personal information must treat it in a respectful way and inform you of any use they make of it. While this law came into effect in Europe, it is not really limited to that continent. Any visitor to a site registered in the EU must have the same respectful treatment, as any European site respect this new law.

EQ Transcription Services Ltd respects everyone’s privacy and had no trouble being fully compliant with GDPR.

On a more personal level, your data can be secured using a variety of technology; antivirus, firewall, encryption, two-factor authentication and much more.

Do not be misled into thinking only large corporations are targeted, anyone and everyone can be, so at least a good antivirus and firewall on your computer is essential to protect you from a cyber-attack. These can include phishing, malware, identity theft, ransom, man-in-the-middle and much more.

Hackers need very little information to steal your identity, so protect yourself by making sure they get none at all.